Time Wasting at Work

89% of US workers waste time daily.


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How much time do they waste?

  • 31% waste 30 minutes/day
  • 31% waste 1 hr/day
  • 16% waste 2 hrs/day
  • 6% waste 3 hrs/day
  • 2% waste 4 hrs/day
  • 2% waste 5+ hrs/day


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Top Websites for Slacking

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Who Wastes the Most Time at Work?

  • Single men in their 20s and 30s without higher education.
  • 91% of men waste time vs. 87% of women
  • 91% of single people waste time compared to 88% of married folks


  • 91% of employees ages 18-25 waste time daily
  • 95% of employees ages 26-32 waste time daily
  • 92% of employees ages 33-39 waste time daily
  • 90% of employees ages 40-50 waste time daily
  • 85% of employees ages 51-60 waste time daily
  • 78% of employees ages 60+ waste time daily





When is the Most Time Wasted?

  • 44% on Fridays
  • 22% said they waste the most time between 3 - 5 p.m.



Most popular time of day to slack off

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Which Industry Wastes the Most Time?

  • 100% of those working in finance and banking waste time daily
  • 95% of those working in the arts, media, and entertainment business
  • 94% of those in engineering, design, and construction
  • 90% of government workers


If Employers blocked personal web sites, 56% of employees said they will use their own device.


 Is March Madness a Huge Distraction?

Some figures estimate it’s a billion dollar loss in employee productivity. And, 13% of people said they intend to waste time at work on their brackets and/or watching the games during work hours.

Causes of Workplace Unproductivity

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