Network Management

The ContentProtect Security Appliance has some additional capabilities not available with the ContentProtect Professional software. Not only can you monitor your network’s bandwidth, but you can also control that bandwidth. You as the administrator can determine which users get what privileges, allowing different amounts of bandwidth to users, as their needs demand. You give the yes or no to downloading and streaming. The CP Security Appliance allows you to block unproductive Internet traffic, such as Peer-to-Peer downloading and streaming audio. This frees up significant amounts of bandwidth for mission critical applications, guaranteeing faster processing. It may even eliminate or delay the need to purchase additional bandwidth.

You can manage emails, whether they are between users in your organization or between an employee or student with someone outside of your network. Make sure inappropriate material isn’t being transferred, unacceptable behavior isn’t being tolerated, and sensitive/private data doesn’t leave the protection of your organization’s network.

Network management is extremely important for organizations. The CP Security Appliance gives administrators more control of their organization’s network without adding additional stress to their jobs. With so many helpful features, you won’t be overwhelmed by a host of new tasks to keep track of. The CP Security Appliance will make your job easier.

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