Internet Management

Internet Management puts you in control. Your organization needs to run according to the policies that are in place to not only keep employees or students on track, but also to protect your organization from outside threats.

Content Protect helps you take charge of Internet management with:

  • Remote management and reporting
  • Custom browsing profiles
  • Customizable email notifications
  • Time controls

Some of the customer-requested features you will enjoy with ContentProtect Professional include remote management and reporting, custom browsing profiles, highly customizable email notifications, and much more. Manage and protect your company's Internet experience with powerful, state-of-the-art Internet protection tools including content filtering and reporting capabilities.

Easy to Use

ContentProtect is very easy to manage and maintain. Because updates occur automatically, and user Internet policies can be managed remotely, management and maintenance is less expensive and time consuming than server-based solutions, where IT staff must often be called upon. ContentProtect makes maintenance and ongoing administration a snap. And because Internet rules are applied regardless of the location or method a user connects to the Internet, which protects students and employees from inappropriate content both on and off the network, laptops and desktops can provide the same protection and filtering rules at home as on the school or work networks. This gives you constant control of Internet management for your users.

Remote Management

The Remote Management dashboard allows Administrators to view reports, manage and make changes to Internet policies, and permit or terminate Internet access, anywhere and at any time, without needing to access the computer that is being protected. Reports are stored in the ContentWatch Data Center (CDC). Having data stored in the CDC permits access to online reports from any Internet connection in the world. Administrators can check on the Internet activity of their users from work or in a hotel room while traveling. Reports include logs of Instant Messages and email, details on all allowed and blocked traffic (including domain, site name, exact URL, and date and time accessed), and more. Administrators have complete visibility into Internet usage and any changes to settings made via the cloud-based console are replicated to all devices instantly. Administrators have actionable data to better manage their network resources and are empowered to monitor and/or block employees’ or students’ access to certain areas of the Internet.

Custom Profiles

Custom browsing profiles allow you to control settings for organization, group, or individual users. As an administrator, you can customize which sites or what types of content are allowed for your employees or students when they access the Internet. You can also set time controls such as schedules and quotas (per day or week) to ration or limit times the Internet is available for each user. With custom browsing profiles, you can make sure everyone gets the Internet access they need, without giving users free reign. Group profiles can be especially useful for children in different grades or classrooms or employees who may not need access to things executive staff members do.

Custom Alerts

Administrators can receive detailed email notifications when employees or students may be trying to access, override, or in some way violate the user's Internet policy. Email alerts are also sent when a user is requesting an immediate exception to the Internet policy. There are alerts for every conceivable action, so you can rest assured you get the whole picture, but on YOUR terms. Thanks to enhanced customization, administrators can choose to receive alerts at specific intervals and in batches.

With so many great features to assist you as an administrator with our Internet management software, you don’t need to worry about offensive or dangerous content on your network. You can have peace of mind that your employees or students are not only protected, but also kept on track with their responsibilities.