ContentWatch for Government

  • Accurate and dynamic content filtering and Safe Search integration
  • Web based administration console and reporting
  • Protect users and computers both onsite and offsite
  • Ensure compliance with Internet Usage policies and regulations
  • Fully customizable and easy to control settings

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ContentProtect Professional (CP Pro) is the perfect solution for protecting computers from unwanted or inappropriate content both onsite and offsite. The ContentProtect Professional software has a powerful and real-time content analysis engine to categorize web content in real-time. This engine can accurately filter out the content and websites that your Internet Usage policies prohibit. Because ContentProtect is truly real-time content filtering it even works on websites that are frequently changing or have user generated content such as social media, blogs, forums etc.

The content filtering technology in the ContentProtect Professional software is more accurate and avoids “over blocking” or websites that are categorized incorrectly. This accuracy is because ContentProtect looks at the content of the webpage, not just a list of website names. There is no need to run daily “list” updates or wait for someone to manually review a site. ContentProtect can detect it in realtime.

ContentProtect Professional filters both standard “http” and encrypted “https” web traffic. This means that all content on all pages is filtered and protected. This technology also ensures the users cannot bypass the filtering using encrypted web traffic, remote proxy servers or many of the other common methods used circumvent content filters.

Enforce Internet Usage rules anywhere

The Internet rules you define are applied regardless of the location or method a user connects to the Internet. This ensures that your usage policies are enforced both on and off the network. Laptops and desktops can have the same protection and filtering rules out of the office as onsite at the government network, because of the client-based architecture.

Remote Management & Reporting

Administrators have complete visibility into all users Internet usage and can review detailed reports showing, all allowed and blocked traffic, domain names, site name, exact URL, category or content, and date and time accessed. The remote web based Administration Console makes it easy to manage and change settings and policies for your users. You can do all administration and reporting without physical access to the computer that is being protected. Changes to settings made via the cloud-based console are replicated to all devices instantly over the Internet and are queued for devices that are currently powered off or offline.


ContentProtect Professional lets you be as granular and detailed as you see fit. There are no limitations on the number of policies or rule sets you can create or who these policies can be applied to. This allows you to have unique settings per user, per group or by department.


Be in compliance with filtering and Internet Usage policies instantly. ContentProtect Professional has pre-defined policies to filter content and provide reporting that helps your organization become compliant quickly and easily.

Integration with the Windows logon process and unattended installation options make deploying the software easy and simple.

Increase Productivity, Decrease Liability

Filter or block any unwanted content that either creates a liability or threat such as (pornography, hate, etc.) or hurts productivity (shopping, games, entertainment, etc.).

Completely block Peer-to-Peer applications including: BitTorrent, Kazaa, eMule/eDonkey, and Gnutella, which are commonly used to download Illegal music, software, objectionable movies, images, etc.

Monitor or block IM/Chat clients and programs.

Email Notifications for easy administration

Administrators can be notified via an email alert when a user is blocked. This alert shows details on the site and reasons for the block. Users can also request that a website be re-categorized or allowed instantly through the “Request an Exception” feature. This can instantly email an Administrator requesting the change, with a simple link giving the Admin the power to grant or deny the request from any device with a browser and Internet connection.