ContentWatch for Education

  • Protection from inappropriate content both on and off network
  • Complete visibility into student Internet usage
  • Administrative management anywhere and at any time
  • Dynamic filtering and Safe Search integration
  • Instant email alerts
  • Time controls
  • Fully customizable and easy to control settings

ContentProtect Professional is just what you need as a teacher or administrator whose mission is to educate children. As you work to create a positive environment for learning you face many obstacles. ContentProtect Professional is a valuable tool that will help you protect students from the dangers of the Internet and increase productivity within your institution.

In this age of technology, cyber slacking is second nature to students. Such activity in schools is detrimental; it is a waste of resources and time allotted for structured learning. Cyber bullying is also a widespread problem among young people and is unacceptable behavior in what should be a safe academic environment. With ContentProtect Professional you can control what students are able to do on the Internet and create barriers to such negative behaviors.

ContentProtect Professional empowers you to better manage your responsibilities and stop worrying that dangerous content is being accessed on school computers. You have the ability to set boundaries by managing access to specific sites and customizing your settings for multiple groups, such as individual classes or grade levels, so everyone can reach their potential. Avoid the risk of malicious content through policies specific to your needs and engender confidence in your proficiency in protecting the children entrusted to your care.

Application of Internet Usage Policies to All Devices

Internet rules are applied regardless of the location or method a student connects to the Internet, which protects students from inappropriate content both on and off the network. Laptops and desktops can provide the same protection and filtering rules at home as on the school networks because of the client-based architecture.

Remote Management & Reporting

Administrators have complete visibility into students Internet usage and can review detailed reports on all allowed and blocked traffic, including domain, site name, exact URL, and date and time accessed. Manage and change settings and policies for students remotely through the cloud-based management console without needing access to the computer that is being protected. Changes to settings made via the cloud-based console are replicated to all devices within 5 minutes.

Increase Productivity, Decrease Liability

Filter or block any unwanted content that either creates a liability for your organization (pornography, hate, etc.) or hurts productivity (shopping, games, entertainment, etc.).

Completely block Peer-to-Peer applications including: BitTorrent, Kazaa, eMule/eDonkey, and Gnutella, which are commonly used to download Illegal music, software, objectionable movies, images, etc. Note: P2P applications will not be filtered, but can be completely blocked.

Time Controls

Time controls such as schedules and quotas (per day or week) allow administrators to ration or limit times the Internet is available.

Dynamic Content Filtering

List-based filters must constantly be updated to ensure protection. ContentProtect's Dynamic Contextual-based filtering engine analyzes content on the fly so there is no need to rely on static URL lists. Create custom URL lists for your employees or students.

Integration with Popular Search Engines

ContentProtect Professional leverages "Safe Search" options found in popular search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Dogpile, AltaVista, Lycos, AllTheWeb, and MSN. This means your employees or students can't search and see links to unsafe sites and they are better protected against pornographic images when doing an "image only" search. The safe search stays on in real-time as the search is occurring and the only way to bypass it is with your unique Administrator password.

Email Notifications

Administrators can be notified via an email alert when a student is blocked, with details on the site and reasons for the block. Students can also request that a website be re-categorized or allowed instantly through the request an exception feature. This can instantly email an Administrator requesting the change.