ContentWatch for Businesses

Easy to install

ContentProtect Professional can be easily 'pushed' to computer workstations using our unattended install utility. This makes network wide deployment fast and easy.

Remote Management

The Remote Management dashboard allows Administrators to view reports, manage and make changes to Internet policies, and permit or terminate Internet access, anywhere and at any time.

Consolidated and Individual Reports

Reports are stored in the ContentWatch Data Center (CDC). Having data stored in the CDC permits access to online reports from any Internet connection in the world. Administrators can check on the Internet activity of their users from work, or in a hotel room while traveling. Reports include logs of Instant Messages and email, sites visited, attempted sites visited and more. Administrators have actionable data to better manage their network resources and are empowered to monitor and/or block employee’s access to certain areas of the Internet.

Increase Productivity

Peer-to-Peer Management

Are you worried about employees downloading or uploading pirated files (movies, music, and software) on your company computers? ContentProtect will completely block Peer-to-peer applications (torrent and large file management).

Games and gambling

ContentProtect Professional gives Administrators the control to increase employee productivity by disabling access to popular online game and gambling sites.

Customizable Policies per User/Group

With the option to set policies by each user or by a group affiliation, you can avoid the "one size fits all" scenario some products force upon end users. ContentProtect Pro can be used as configured right "out of the box" or can be customized for each employee. If groups are created, updates can be administered at once with no need to update individual users.