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Founded in 2006, TTNET is the largest Internet service provider (ISP) in Turkey and has around 7 million subscribers. TTNET is a subsidiary of Türk Telekom Group and is based in Istanbul.

In 2009, as a way to retain and attract new customers and stand out against the competition, the company decided to offer Internet content filtering and anti-virus solutions to subscribers as a premium service to enhance their broadband offering and to maintain customer loyalty.


The Turkish government mandated pornography filtering at the ISP level, but TTNET felt there would still be demand from some parents for a more robust solution and they wanted to differentiate their offering from the government-mandated solution.  In short, TTNET needed a world-class, award-winning safe Internet browsing product that could reliably filter any number of website categories, including pornography, alcohol, weapons, politics, and many more.

Mr. Ozgur Altinyay, Corporate Development Product Manager, was responsible for selecting the solution for the TTNET customer base. The product had to offer a significant value-added service at a reasonable internal cost and needed to be available with 24x7 customer service.


The evaluation team looked at solutions from McAfee, Norton, Net Nanny, and a few more, and the review process lasted more than 90 days.

Mr. Altinyay’s team required a localized, private labeled product at a very competitive price.  The solution had to be customized for the local market, as well as a new product name. The solution had to offer a full feature set, including remote administration for parents.

TTNET also demands cooperation, flexibility, and responsiveness from its business partners.


Net Nanny for Windows was chosen, then localized, and re-branded.  The product launch was in 2009.  Since the inception of the contract, more than 300,000 TTNET customers have relied on Net Nanny for Windows, in spite of the fact that pornography filtering is a feature of TTNET’s core broadband service.

Net Nanny fulfilled on project requirements and became one of the most successful premium service product offerings.


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