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Biaggi's Ristorante Italiano Gives ContentWatch a Five Star Review

In 1998, Biaggi's Ristorante Italiano opened its first restaurant in Bloomington, Ill. The company's mission"”to create a fun, casual white-tablecloth restaurant with an Italian-American flair was an immediate success. In 7 years, the company has expanded to 18 locations throughout the Eastern and Midwestern states.

With an award-winning menu and natural expertise in delivering exceptional service, the company's success has spread quickly. But due to the widely dispersed nature of the restaurant's locations, the company's technology and network resources have had to progress quickly as well.

One of the highest priorities for the company's network administrator, Zed Al-Safar, has been to establish a reliable, fail-safe and easy-to-use Internet filtering system.

"With so many remote locations to manage, we could see as far back as two years ago that the need for internet filtering would be key," Al-Safar said. Biaggi's maintains just 1-2 computers at each remote location, making it impractical to maintain technical support at each location, and making it impossible to join the computers directly through local area network (LAN) links. However, it would be important that the company maintain the ability to manage and monitor each of the restaurant's computers from afar. And particularly with the number of young employees a restaurant typically employs, it would be important from both a liability and a use-of-time standpoint that the company have the ability to closely manage each restaurant's computer use.

"If an employee were to access and download material during the night, we'd have to deal with everything that had come down the following morning," said Al-Safar.

With Internet use becoming progressively more risky, the company preferred to address the issue of filtering proactively than to wait for serious problems to occur.

"I did a lot of searching for a workable solution," said Al-Safar. "I searched the Web; looked at a lot of IT (Information Technology) magazines. I was looking for something we could manage easily and remotely, and for something that would meet our budget while delivering a solution that could meet all of our needs."

Al-Safar ultimately came up with more than 20 prospective solutions; however, most of the products offered were designed for full corporate environments. Only one solution, the ContentProtect Professional Suite, from ContentWatch, could meet the needs of a small organization. With 18 locations, Biaggi's has just 25 computers that it needs to protect.

The product put an immediate stop to inappropriate web surfing. In the six months since its implementation, employee productivity is better than ever. The company is protected from computer downtime and liability concerns. And Biaggi's computers are protected from virus and spyware as well.

For a company whose reputation depends on exceptional service, Biaggi's is an orgnization on the rise. And when it comes to providing Biaggi's with Internet protection, ContentProtect is earning five star reviews.

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