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Benesse Corporation


Benesse Corporation, founded originally in 1955, is a Japanese company focused on correspondence education and publishing. Based in Okayama-City, it is the parent company of Berlitz Language Schools, which in turn is the parent company of ELS Language Centers.

In 2012, the company developed a project to offer up to 1 million Android tablets to K-12 schoolchildren as part of a new, high tech correspondence-based education program.  The goal was to offer Android tablets for online and interactive classes that included safe Internet access for research and homework.


With these tablets in the hands of children, the company was tasked to ensure a safe Internet browsing, experience, among other things.  Mr. Munetaka Shimada, Dept. of Digital Business Strategy, Education Division, was responsible for selecting a safe and reliable Internet content filtering solution for Android.

He looked at two primary software solutions: Net Nanny for Android and i-Filter from Digital Arts Japan.  Key to the selection process was the reliability of the web browsing solution, overall price, and a good working relationship with the technology provider.  In addition, it was important to provide pre-defined browsing profiles for children, based on their age.


Net Nanny for Android was chosen due to its unique ability to filter Web content in real-time using its dynamic contextual analysis engine to monitor website content each time a website is loaded.  The other solution relies on a static list of URLs for filtering webpages.  With user-generated content growing each day on the Web, it became vital the solution could manage filtering websites instantaneously.

Mr. Shimada also appreciated the competitive pricing proposal offered for this significant project and commented as well that Net Nanny and its exclusive business partner, AOS Japan, were very responsive and good to work with during the proposal, testing, pilot, and deployment phases.  The companies worked with Benesse to customize the software to meet their specific needs.


By April 2014, Android tablets had been distributed to over 370,000 school children in Japan.  The number of tablets for this project is planned to reach up to 1 million units over the next two years.

Net Nanny for Android fulfilled on the promise to provide safe Internet browsing for these children. 


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