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Productivity Boost and Network Control at Beaver Country Dodge

Network management is becoming a rising concern for companies around the world. Bandwidth issues, computer viruses, inappropriate or illegal material and wasted time seem to be the consequences of a poorly managed network. Don Lehocky, Operations Manager at Beaver County Dodge, recently discovered that his business was in need of a better way to manage his network.

"Employees were using their business computers for shopping, surfing the net and streaming video," said Lehocky. "Not only was this type of usage not productive, the extensive bandwidth usage that came from streaming music and video almost brought our entire network to a standstill."

After looking into his options, Lehocky first decided to outsource his network management with mixed results. They used their own device to control and monitor their computers which "unfortunately took away all of my control," said Lehocky. "If there were any on-the-fly changes that needed to be made in the case of special exceptions it was very difficult to make the changes."

Lehocky decided that he needed to have the network control usually found only in larger companies, with the ease and accessibility of personal software. After looking into other hardware and software solutions, Lehocky decided to buy a ContentWatch ContentProtectâ„¢ Security Appliance. The ContentProtect Security Appliance combines anti-virus, antispyware, bandwidth management, award-winning Web filtering, and IM/peer-to-peer control with a clean user interface to give network administrators greater control of the network. Its all-in-one approach solves the problems created when users, applications, and threats battle for network resources. The ContentProtect Security Appliance also makes it easier for administrators to manage distributed environments. Specifically designed for branch office and small office implementation, the ContentProtect Security Appliance reports usage in real-time and allows administrators to quickly identify and control the users, applications, and threats that impact network performance.

"The appliance was very easy to set up on our network," said Lehocky. "We were in a hurry, so we decided to try it completely on our own and we were able to figure it out without using the manual or calling ContentWatch... We had it up and running within a half hour to 40 minutes, then all we had to do was start applying the desired settings." Lehocky now uses the ContentProtect Security Appliance to monitor more than 70 computers at three different locations. He is able to break up his employees into different access groups and grant specific access to employees based on policies for each group. "I am now able to take a more active part in our network. I am able to monitor the overall status of the network, make special exceptions for different employees any time and from any of our locations," said Lehocky. "The best part is that employee productivity has increased because they are focused on the job at hand instead of on non-work related things."

About ContentWatch, Inc.

Based in Salt Lake City, ContentWatch delivers family-safe computing solutions for the home, library, education, government, and small/medium business markets. ContentWatch's mission is to be the world leader in thought and technology by creating Internet management tools and services that provide homes and businesses with a safer, more productive Internet experience through its patent-pending contextual analysis engine. ContentWatch Internet Management solutions are used in over 125 different countries.