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ContentWatch Appliance Helps Company Take Back Control of Office Network

In order to keep up with the pace of today's world, Beaumont Products Incorp., a manufacturing company based out of Kennesaw, GA, utilizes a fully functional office network to maintain an effective presence in today's marketplace. But along with all of the efficiency and exposure that the Internet has brought to the organization, the Internet sometimes introduces new problems that need to be solved.

According to a recent article published in The Wall Street Journal, employees' abuse of the Internet at work is a very real problem and has almost brought many company networks to their knees. The article points out that "as people use the Web for a growing number of capacity-draining functions, from Internet telephone services to peer-to-peer file-sharing, it has become tougher for technology managers to sift through activity on their networks."

At Beaumont, that responsibility of managing the network and the company's 50-plus computers rests with IT Director, Mike Bailey. "We kept having episodes when the network would stop or slow down and I just never knew what was causing the problem," said Mike Bailey, IT Director for Beaumont Products. "I had no way of knowing whether the bandwidth usage was appropriate or not, all I could do was spend upwards of an hour going from person to person trying to find out where the problem was."

Bailey needed a way to monitor exactly how his network was being used, user by user. He needed to not only monitor bandwidth, but also to restrict access to specific sites that were potentially harmful to Beaumont Products or its employees. After spending some time researching solutions on the Internet, checking with other IT managers, and looking into his options, Bailey decided that the ContentProtectâ„¢ Security Appliance by ContentWatch was his best solution.

The ContentProtect Security Appliance combines anti-virus, antispyware, bandwidth management, Web filtering and IM/peer-to-peer control with a clean web user interface to give network administrators greater control of network. Its all-in-one approach solves the problems created when users, applications and threats battle for network resources.

"You can pretty much get it out of the box and up and running pretty easy. We turned it on, did a few things and let it run," said Bailey. "Whenever there is a problem, now I can immediately use the Real-time Monitor and see if there is a problem or not. I can also use the reporting tools and see where the problem is coming from. It answers my question of who's doing it, whether or not it is an appropriate use of company resources, or is it something malicious we don't even know about."

Since implementing the use of the ContentProtect Security Appliance by ContentWatch, Bailey has been able to take a much more efficient role in tracking his network. He now has the capability of putting employees into different groups and assigning different restrictions to those groups depending on their specific needs. He can even throttle Internet usage based not only on users and groups, but by application "”that is, allowing some applications to access the Internet, controlling others, and blocking the rest.

"This appliance quickly solved a lot of immediate needs and issues we had right out of the box, but it still has the flexibility, power and features that will allow me to expand and grow it as other new needs arise." said Bailey.

"The appliance can be as easy or as powerful as you want it to be," said Bailey. Just like the Internet itself.

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