Internet Filtering Software for Business

Key Features

  • Content filtering
  • Internet usage policies apply to devices on and off the network
  • Web based administration and reporting 
  • Productivity tools with custom rules and time controls
  • Email alerts for policy violations or filter change requests
  • Customized policy settings and rules

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content filtering

Real-Time and Dynamic Content Filtering

ContentProtect Professional is the perfect solution for managing the Internet use of your employees, both in and out of the office, with a powerful and real-time content analysis engine to categorize web content in real-time. This engine can accurately filter out the content and websites you don’t want your employees viewing.


It even works on websites that are frequently changing or have user generated content such as social media, blogs, forums etc. The content filtering technology in the ContentProtect Professional software is more accurate and avoids “over blocking” or websites that are categorized incorrectly, because the filters look at the content not just a list of website names.

ContentProtect Professional covers both standard “http” and encrypted “https” web traffic. This means that all content on all pages is filtered and protected. This technology also ensures the users cannot bypass the filtering using encrypted web traffic or use remote proxy servers to circumvent your Internet usage policies.

Remote Management and Reporting

Remote Management and Reporting

ContentProtect Professional makes managing the settings for all your users easy and accessible anywhere. The web based administration console “in the cloud” allows Administrators to view reports, manage, and make changes to Internet policies, and permit or terminate Internet access, anywhere and at any time.


Changes made in the administration console are replicated to all clients running the ContentProtect Professional software instantly over the Internet. Reports are easily viewed from anywhere via the web based administration console. Administrators can check on the Internet activity of their users from anywhere with any device that has in Internet connection and a web browser. Reports are graphical and easy to understand. The reports include details per user, group or as an entire organization. These reports show details about sites visited, categories of content, time spent online, sites blocked, Instant messages and much more.

Productivity Tools

Administrators have actionable data via the web based administration console. With this data Administrators are empowered to monitor and/or block employee’s access to certain areas of the Internet and control many other aspects of their computer and Internet use.

Time Controls

Time Controls

Increase your employee’s productivity by creating custom schedules for Internet access or creating a specific allocation of time that can be used per employee for personal web surfing.

Peer-to-Peer Management

Peer-to-Peer Management

Are you worried about employees downloading or uploading pirated files (movies, music, and software) on your company computers? ContentProtect can completely block Peer-to-peer applications to eliminate these threats.

Games and Gambling

Games and Gambling

ContentProtect Professional gives Administrators the controls to increase employee productivity by disabling access to popular online games and gambling sites.

Instant Messages Management

Instant Messages Management

With IM reporting enabled Administrators can view detailed reports on Instant Messages sent and received by their users. Administrators can also block all or specific Instant Messenger clients from communicating through custom policy setting.

Internet Usage Policies Apply to Devices On and Off the Network

Protecting devices while offsite or in remote offices can be difficult. ContentProtect Professional solves this problem by running locally on the computers it protects. The content filtering engine runs locally and gets is settings and changes from the web based administration console that is hosted entirely in the Internet cloud. This means the devices can be protected regardless of their location or method used to connect to the Internet.

ContentProtect Professional has strong circumvention prevention technologies and a password protected uninstall. This means that users cannot simply remove or disable the software unless you grant them privileges to do so.

Easy to Install and Use

ContentProtect Professional supports auto-deployment through most software deployment solutions including Active Directory Group Policies. The solution can be easily added making deployment fast and easy.

The ContentProtect Professional software can be integrated with the Windows login. This ensures a single sign in and eliminates the need to manage separate login credentials for computers and Internet access.

Email Alerts

Defining “alerts” in the web based administration console is easy. Alerts are events triggered by a user’s action or request. Alerts can be generated based on blocked web pages, requests for policy changes, request that can send email notifications an Administrator or Department Manager.

Customizable Policies per User/Group

With the option to set policies by each user or by a group affiliation, you can avoid the "one size fits all" scenario some products force upon end users. The options for individual policies or group policies allow Administrators to be as granular or simplistic as their organization requires.

ContentProtect Pro can be used as configured right "out of the box" or can be customized for each employee. Through group management changes, updates to your settings can be administered at once with no need to update individual users.

Settings customization can be done to create custom block pages, create custom “whitelists” and “blacklists” of sites, and even hide the application icon on a user’s computer. This helps administrators create a truly custom user experience based on their company’s Internet Usage Policies and needs.

System Requirements

  • Windows Vista or higher or OS X 10.7 or higher