CWI is seeking new resellers. Here are a few benefits to selling our award winning products.

Resellers receive the winning combination of our Training, Leads and Spiffs! Our Channel Sales Managers are enthusiastic about helping you grow your business and will carry the sale from end to end to help you reach the best margins.

90-Day Fast Track for New Resellers

CWI wants you to get the most out of our program, and quickly. Here's what we'll do for you in the first 90 days:

  • Telemarketing campaign to your current customer list to quickly sell in our product to customers who already know you.
  • 90-Day spiff program for your salespeople
  • Lunch events for you prospective customers – we'll do all the presentation and training
  • Technical and sales training for all sales personnel

Competitive Margins

Resellers are eligible for margin discounts up to 35% based on your sales volume with CWI.


CWI provides ongoing training through weekly webinars, and at your location. You'll be armed with all the information you need to exceed the expectations of your customer.


CWI has targeted lead generation campaigns for new resellers, as well as ongoing lead generation efforts to keep the pipeline full.


Reseller sales employees have the opportunity to earn additional dollars by working with our Channel Managers to close business and get prospective customers to our live online demos.

Best-in-Class Products

ContentWatch delivers a set of Internet protection tools designed to provide a comprehensive, safe Internet experience for businesses and families alike.

For businesses, we offer both a scalable hardware-based solution, ContentProtect Security Appliance, and a flexible software solution, ContentProtect Professional, powered by our unique dynamic filtering engine.

Demo Software

ContentWatch provides its Partners, at no charge, not-for-resale demonstration software to distribute to potential customers.

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