How do I configure the software to run as a white list/black list?

ContentProtect Professional Suite • 5 August 2008

  • First you will need to do is sign into our remote management site to make these adjustments.
  • Once logged in click the icon titled "Policies" to left side of the window. This will show the settings for the 'default' policy, which is the policy automatically assigned to users after they're created.
  • You'll then need to change all filter categories to 'block' then click 'save changes'.
  • If you want to allow access to a specific websites click on 'Users' in top left side of the panel then click 'web overrides' on the top panel. Enter the website address and specify 'allow' then click 'add'.

This should block all websites other than what you add to the website overrides as 'allow'.

Another thing that is helpful to do when running using a white list, is to go to the Settings tab and entering one of your Allowed sites into the Custom Block Page field to eliminate the Block Message appearing.