How can The CP Security Appliance help us?

ContentProtect Security Appliance • 9 July 2008

On average, only 50% of any Internet connection is used for browsing. Some of the browsing activity is critical, like research and business application sites and some of it is non-critical, like social networking, gaming and adult content. The other 50% of any Internet connection is used for Internet applications - both critical, like voice over I.P. and database backups; and non-critical, like peer-to-peer, streaming media and music downloads. What happens when one user eats up all the bandwidth by downloading a movie to iTunes? Is that going to show up on an Internet browsing report? Of course not, because the user's not even using a browser to generate the traffic. The CP Security Appliance is the only solution that controls and prioritizes both browsing AND application activity for small and medium-sized organizations. Because if you're only looking at half of the picture, you're only controlling half of the problem.