Salt Lake City "Take Back the Net" Workshop Offers Consumers Tools and Information to Protect Themselves Online

Attorney General Shurtleff Joins Americans for Technology Leadership, ContentWatch, UITA, Microsoft and Yahoo to Educate Consumers in Cyber-Security

SALT LAKE CITY, UT - Americans for Technology Leadership today joined with Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff, the Utah Information Technology Association and ContentWatch to host a Salt Lake City "Take Back the Net" workshop. The event, which took place at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City, provided information for area residents about how they can protect themselves and their children from cyber-threats, such as spam, computer viruses, identity theft, spyware, phishing scams and Internet predators.

The workshop featured presentations from technology and financial industry experts who provided information about tools they have developed for computer users and general tips on cyber-security. Attendees heard from Attorney General Shurtleff, Jim Prendergast of Americans for Technology Leadership, Jack Sunderlage, Chairman of UITA and President and CEO of ContentWatch, and representatives from Microsoft and Yahoo.

"While law enforcement and the industry are taking steps to fight cyber-crime by cracking down on the criminals who perpetrate these crimes and by providing technology solutions, consumers can play an important part," said Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff. "This workshop, which featured industry leaders like Microsoft and Yahoo, has provided Utahans with critical information and tips to protect their identities and their in-boxes."

"While the technology industry continues to provide innovative new tools for consumers, this battle will require a united effort by industry, law enforcement and consumers," Jim Prendergast, executive director of Americans for Technology Leadership. "The experts who joined us today helped inform the audience about what steps they need to take at home and at work to protect themselves online."

"The technology industry in Utah was pleased to join with General Shurtleff, Americans for Technology Leadership, Microsoft and Yahoo to educate consumers," said Jack Sunderlage, Chairman of UITA and President and CEO of ContentWatch. "We were able to provide valuable information today about how to protect yourself and your children from cyber criminals and Internet predators."

All participants encouraged the audience to share the information they gained with their friends, family and neighbors to ensure that as many consumers as possible are armed with the information they need to protect themselves.

"Working together the technology industry and law enforcement, educated consumers can 'take back the net' from the criminals who are trying to wreak havoc on our lives," Prendergast added.

Cyber-security tips are available at ATL's website - - and on the websites of all the participants.

For more information, or to interview one of the participants, please contact Adam Bromberg (703-683-5004 x102) or Kristina Grabosky (703-683-5004 x132)