ContentWatch Launches Three New Gateway Security Appliances

The CP 100, CP 300 and CP 350 give administrators added security and control of their networks

SALT LAKE CITY - August 14, 2007 - ContentWatch, a leading provider of Internet protection solutions, introduced an enhanced line of gateway security appliances to its ContentProtect Security Appliance family. These appliances provide IT administrators of any size organization with greater security and manageability over their networks.

The ContentProtect Security Appliances sits at the gateway and addresses the issues of any organization's IT infrastructure by proactively protecting its network from both internal and external threats. The new plug-and-play appliances combine the functions of content filtering, bandwidth management, IM and peer-to-peer control, anti-virus and anti-spy into one box. Through the appliances' interface, administrators can see in real-time what is happening with their network and ensure it is performing optimally.

"With many of today's business functions depending on IT to complete its objectives, the need for the network and bandwidth to be free of issues is extremely important to the success of mission-critical projects," said Jack Sunderlage, CEO and president of ContentWatch. "With these appliances, ContentWatch is providing a turnkey solution to IT administrators that will facilitate in the maintenance of their network and increase productivity within an organization of any size.

The ContentProtect Security Appliance comes in three models - CP 100, CP 300 and CP 350. The CP 100 can host up to 200 users, the CP 300 hosts 1,000 and the CP 350 hosts over 5,000. Some of the ContentProtect Security Appliance key features include:

  • Dynamic Content Filtering - The appliance uses dynamic contextual analysis (in conjunction with word and URL lists) to filter Web content; analyzing content on the fly.
  • Bandwidth Management - Manage the network's bandwidth by giving priority to mission-critical applications.
  • Anti-Virus - Prevent viruses, including those in web-based e-mails, from harming your network.
  • Anti-Spyware - See where it's coming from and neutralize the threat.
  • IM/Peer-to-Peer Control - Find out how P2P apps are impacting the network. Control use of IM and unauthorized file sharing in your organization.

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