Net Nanny Repeats as PC Magazine's Editors' Choice for Parental Controls

"Net Nanny does everything a parental-control utility should do"

SALT LAKE CITY - Dec. 10, 2008 - Just weeks after being released to the public, Net Nanny 6.0, the latest Internet filtering and parental controls software from ContentWatch, was named Editors' Choice by PC Magazine for the second consecutive time and calling it "a powerful and flexible parental-control solution that includes unique features not found in any of its competitors."

"Net Nanny does everything you'd expect from a parental-control system extremely well," said the review. "It's uniquely able to filter HTTPS sites, and its IM monitoring outshines the rest by working at the protocol level. Net Nanny's combination of e-mail alerts and full remote management mean you can keep tabs on kids from work or from around the world. Net Nanny remains our Editors' Choice for parental control."

In the review PC Magazine touted Net Nanny's ability to provide powerful content analysis and blocking saying, "The program categorizes sites by checking its database but also analyzes the content of Web pages as necessary. A brand-new site won't slip through just because it hasn't been logged, nor will a prurient page in a usually clean site."

One of the highlighted features in Net Nanny 6.0 is its ability to dynamically filter secure proxy Web sites, which is the No. 1 method used by teens to circumvent desktop filters. In the review, PC Magazine states, "Net Nanny can block proxies, but it has a second line of defense: It filters both secure and non-secure traffic, kids can't fool it by tweaking a Web address to use HTTPS. This is highly unusual: I haven't seen any other product with this level of control."

"The Internet is ever-changing and new threats like cyberbullying and cyber predators arise every day, and we've built Net Nanny to effectively combat these threats," said Jack Sunderlage, president and CEO of ContentWatch. "Being able to provide parents with a product that protects their children and evolves with the Internet is our number one priority. With Net Nanny, parents can be sure they are getting the best possible protection out of any parental controls product, and being named the editors' choice by PC Magazine confirms this."

The review also speaks highly of Net Nanny's Instant Message Management, another new feature, saying "Net Nanny's IM monitoring is nothing short of phenomenal... Net Nanny has two distinct styles of IM tracking that can be used separately or together. The IM Recording feature records the entirety of every IM conversation; Bsafe and Safe Eyes can do this as well. But the others have nothing like Net Nanny's IM Monitoring."

Through the end of the year, Net Nanny 6.0 is being offered at a discounted holiday price through's Ultimate Bargain Hunt.

Net Nanny 6.0 is compatible with the Windows Vista and Windows XP operating systems. In August 2008, ContentWatch introduced Net Nanny for Macs. For more information about Net Nanny, visit

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