Internet Parental Controls Mean More Than Just Blocking Pornography

SALT LAKE CITY, Oct. 31, 2011-As National Cyber Security Month comes to a close, ContentWatch (, makers of Net Nanny (, released results of its international customer survey highlighting the importance of parental awareness of online safety issues for kids such as profanity, pornography and other Internet risks.

During a recent survey of its Net Nanny customer base, ContentWatch found, to no surprise, that the No. 1 reason their customers use Net Nanny is to filter or block pornographic websites. What is somewhat surprising is the No. 2 reason. After pornography blocks, surveyed customers' most important reason for using Net Nanny was to mask profanity.

How Customers Use Net Nanny

In the Net Nanny study, 43 percent of surveyed customers indicated they used Net Nanny to mask profanity on web and social media sites. ContentWatch conducted the survey among Net Nanny customers in the US and around the world.

"Recent statistics provided by The Reppler Effect found that 47 percent of their users' Facebook walls have profanity," said Russ Warner, CEO of ContentWatch. "It is clear, profanity is a problem and most of our customers prefer to keep it away from their children."

Net Nanny uses Dynamic Contextual Analysis ( to help parents mask profanity and other blacklisted terms on websites in real-time.

"Many parents believe that parental control software is only about blocking pornography," said Melissa Garland, VP of Marketing for Net Nanny. "The Net Nanny profanity masking feature is just one of many useful parental tools available to parents."

The survey found that the No. 3 and 4 reasons parents use Net Nanny is to monitor instant messages and to provide time controls.


In the survey, 89 percent of customers use Net Nanny to block pornography. Net Nanny regularly blocks more than 83 million porn- and adult-themed websites per month for its registered customer base. (


In addition to these and other Internet threats, Net Nanny earlier in the month provided tips on what parents can do if they suspect cyberbullying with their children. See video.

"A well thought-out Internet safety program combining common sense discussions with your child and the support of an ever-vigilant Internet filtering software, is the key for parents in assuring their children have positive experiences while online," said Warner. "We believe that providing your child with his or her first Internet-ready device is the same as buying them their first bicycle: you'd never send them out to cycle without a helmet; and you should never send them out to surf the Internet without parental controls in place."

Additional Internet Safety tips are available at

Net Nanny is the leading online filtering application and helps parents provide Internet safety for their children. It provides profanity masking, helps monitor and identify cyberbullies or predators, filters adult and pornographic websites and provides many other online safety features.

Net Nanny has been delivering Internet security solutions for consumers and businesses since 2001. Net Nanny was created by ContentWatch and can be used to help parents provide Internet safety for their children. With the emergence of mobile devices, ContentWatch's mission is to integrate its suite of solutions, including Net Nanny, from the desktop and networks to all platforms in the mobile market.,