Net Nanny (from ContentWatch) Supports Internet Safety Month with Top Ten Internet Safety Tips; June Price Discount

Parental control software is one of the most effective strategies, ContentWatch says

Salt Lake City, June 12, 2007 - In a move to support the national U.S. Internet Safety Month, leading Internet filter company ContentWatch, Inc. (provider of Net Nanny) has just released the Top Ten Internet Safety Tips, and has issued a discount on the price of Net Nanny software for the month of June. For the balance of June, customers can purchase three Net Nanny licenses for the price of two.

For a complete list of ContentWatch's Top Ten Safety Tips as well as a link to the purchase discount, readers can visit

ContentWatch's Safety Tips include the straightforward and commonsense guidelines such as learning about the challenges and the dangers of social networking sites such as MySpace and FaceBook as well as the kind of information children should avoid sharing. However, the list also includes more detailed information about what a child should do if porn appears on a home or public computer ("Stop, Off and Go") and about the details of the FCC privacy policy that parents should know.

"At ContentWatch we believe there are three pillars, education, technology and legislation, to addressing pornography and protecting children and we are aggressively working to support all three," ContentWatch President and CEO Jack Sunderlage said. "We are pleased to show our support for Internet Safety Month not only in the U.S. but throughout the 125 countries where our products are used."

Sunderlage points to dynamic contextual analysis as a key that sets Net Nanny (formerly ContentProtect) apart from other filtering software. This advanced technology, as well as the ability to remotely monitor what's occurring with children and teens and manage the amount of time children spend on the Internet are a critical key, Sunderlage says. Remote reporting lets parents know what sites their children are visiting and how often, while time management lets parents control the amount of time their children are staying online.

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