ContentWatch and i-Technosoft tie-up to combat online threats against children in the UK

LONDON -- OCTOBER 16, 2013 -- i–Technosoft Corporation a technology distribution company with a wide network of channel partners in EMEA has signed up exclusive distribution rights in the UK for ContentWatch – makers of Net Nanny parental control software, ContentProtect Internet filtering software and ContentProtect MDM (mobile device management) solutions.

ContentWatch Inc. a leading provider of Internet filter and protection solutions on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS announced the appointment of i-Technosoft, as an exclusive distributor of its leading parental control and device management solutions in the United Kingdom. ContentWatch aims to capitalise on the growing need for child safety and security solutions offering a proactive protection of mobile and desktop devices, in the UK with the market reach of i-Technosoft Corporation through its flagship products Net Nanny and ContentProtect.

According to the BBC, the UK Prime Minister David Cameron is pushing for pornography to be blocked by default across the country. He further warned in the speech that access to online pornography was “corroding childhood”. A recent rise in cyber bullying cases has pushed the government to take serious child protection initiatives. In August, 14-year-old Hannah Smith, from Leicestershire, was found hanged. Her father said she had been sent abusive messages on social networking site, Police are now investigating claims her older sister Joanne has received taunts on her Facebook page. NSPCC in a recent survey stated that “One in five children bullied online”. i-Technosoft intends to tackle the core problem.

Commenting on the partnership, Sheyne, Chairman of the Board at i-Technosoft, said, “We have extensively reviewed the award winning ContentWatch products prior to the signup and have realised the ease of use, effectiveness and cross platform capabilities it provides in online child protection as well as protection and provisioning of corporate mobile devices”. He added that “Our value offering in conjunction with Net Nanny is to enable Child Friendly Devices and Child Friendly Internet through various schools as well as non-profit child protection organisations across the UK. Primarily the company wishes to achieve the necessary government objectives in the years ahead.”

As a distributor in UK and other territories, i-Technosoft aims to increase it value offering and the penetration of ContentWatch by recruiting additional resellers local to the community in helping combat online threats against children from pornography to cyber bullying and online grooming.

"Given i-Technosoft's large reseller and customer base across EMEA, ContentWatch will leverage direct access to these markets. The online child protection and enterprise benefit program is a brilliant initiative by i-Technosoft designed to be in line with local government objectives." says Russ Warner, CEO of ContentWatch Inc.

i-Technosoft will promote ContentWatch products such as Net Nanny Parental Control software for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android through iTunes, Google Play and its partner stores providing a safe browser system for children as well as capabilities to monitor chat and instant messaging (IM), profanity masking, including 7 major social networks with an alert mechanism for parents in realtime via email. ContentProtect MDM on the other hand provides centralised security for corporate mobile devices such as provisioning, lock and wipe, remote locate and application management via the cloud.

i-Technosoft, a proactive member of the Ruislip Manor Chamber of Commerce, Hillingdon, is a leading distributor in the region and focuses on a solutions model designed to enable its resellers to cross sell complimentary solutions. The distributor has expertise in server management; desktop/network management; unified protection; parental control and network security. Its network of partners include UK, France, Germany, Spain, Greece as well as partners in Asia and the Middle East.

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Ms. Mithani