Net Nanny Wins PC Magazine's Editors' Choice for Parental Controls

"It's an excellent choice for controlling and monitoring what your kids do online"

SALT LAKE CITY - February 7, 2008 - ContentWatch, Inc. further solidified its role as the leader in Internet filtering and family-safe computing solutions after receiving Editors' Choice from PC Magazine in its recent review of Net Nanny 5.6.

"Net Nanny 5.6 is powerful and flexible," said the review. "Its content filtering, IM monitoring and time scheduler are hardened, so kids can't circumvent them, and the Flash-based activity reports are outstanding."

In the review, PC Magazine touted Net Nanny's ability to provide users with a detailed report of Web sites visited saying, "...Net Nanny outshines all the rest in its presentation of the logged information." Additionally, Net Nanny effectively monitors and blocks instant messaging. Because Net Nanny blocks the IM protocol, PC Magazine noted, "Your teen won't be able to evade IM blocking by switching to a third-party client like Trillian...."

"Net Nanny uses Internet time..." said the review, "it can't be fooled by tweaking the system clock or time zone: Believe me, I tried!"

"Net Nanny's strength resides in its ability to not only protect children, but to give parents an effective, flexible and easy-to-use tool to manage the Internet," said Jack Sunderlage, ContentWatch's CEO and president. "The Internet is very dynamic and we've built Net Nanny with that in mind; giving parents peace of mind because our product is evolving with it so they can be sure they've got the best tool to protect their children." Internet safety has become a national issue and came to the forefront during a recent presidential debate with one candidate stating, "...obviously, the problem we have now is not just what's coming over the airwaves, but what's coming over the Internet. And for us to develop technologies and tools and invest in those technologies and tools, to make sure that we are, in fact, giving parents power -- empowering parents I think is important." In addition, Net Nanny 5.6 has powerful Remote Management tools, which allows users to manage home Internet use from anywhere at any time; fail-proof time-management controls that enable users to manage when and how long the Internet can be accessed. For more information about Net Nanny, visit

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