Three ContentWatch Internet Protection Tools Selected to Provide Internet Safety for Kids Using the New Disney Dream Desk PC

SALT LAKE CITY – August 6, 2004 – ContentWatch, Inc. today announced The Walt Disney Company will use three ContentWatch™ Internet protection tools in the newly introduced Disney Dream Desk PC.

The Disney Dream Desk PC was unveiled Thursday, August 5 by Mickey Mouse and Disney President and Chief Operating Officer, Bob Iger, at a press event held at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. The Disney Dream Desk PC was designed by Disney and frog design. Built by Medion AG, the PC features a 14.1-inch Mickey-shaped TFT LCD flat panel monitor with embedded speakers, a DVD player, a CD writer and player, and an ergonomically designed kid-sized mouse. The PC is also equipped with a multimedia keyboard with digital pen for added fun.

Given the fact that the Disney Dream Desk PC has been especially designed for children of all ages, Disney has turned to ContentWatch to ensure that the highest levels of Internet protection are available on the PC from the very first moment the PC is turned on. To do this, ContentProtect Home Suite (consisting of three ContentWatch applications) is pre-installed onto each Disney Dream Desk PC – ContentProtect® (internet filtering), EmailProtect® (email filtering and spam blocking) and PopupProtect® (pop-up window blocking) – with the highest settings on each application already enabled on each PC.

“It’s our job to make sure parents that purchase a Disney Dream Desk PC will have peace of mind when their child uses the Internet,” said Brent L Bishop, president and chief executive officer of ContentWatch. “Regardless of whether we’re talking about Internet filtering, email filtering, spam blocking, or blocking pop-up ads, that’s what ContentWatch products deliver – peace of mind.”

“As a parent, one of the principal concerns I have when my five-year-old son accesses the Internet is protecting his safety,” Disney’s Iger said. “This concern was paramount among the parents we interviewed during our design phase. Almost every parent we spoke to was looking for a way to protect their children on the Internet.”

“We’ve integrated Internet Protection tools from ContentWatch into our PC,” said Andy Mooney, chairman, Disney Consumer Products. “The ContentWatch Home Suite is a total solution for Internet protection with Web and email filtering, plus spam and pop-up window blocking. The ContentWatch Home Suite is extremely easy to setup and use, but Disney has made it even easier by giving parents direct access to the software from a special key on the keyboard and by making the software active from the first moment you start up the Disney Dream Desk.”

In addition to the three ContentWatch applications, each Disney Dream Desk PC features a variety of Disney applications including Disney Pix, Disney Mix and Disney Flix, which allow children to draw, edit pictures, create music and write and direct their own movies. Exclusive to the Disney Dream Desk PC, Disney’s Flix, Mix and Pix applications are designed to work together as a creative suite. Some other applications include Disney’s games: Disney Majhongg, Disney’s Extremely Goofy Skateboarding, Disney’s Adventures in Typing with Timon & Pumbaa, and a 14-day free membership to Disney’s ToonTown Online.

The computer comes installed with top quality components including the Intel Celeron® D Processor 330, the Microsoft XP Home Edition operating system and Microsoft Works productivity software. Three-dimensional graphics acceleration on the PC is provided by ATI Technologies Inc. The Disney Dream Desk PC is ideal for small spaces because the computer fits right behind the LCD flat panel monitor and as an added safety measure, the PC setup incorporates a unique cable management system to hide bulky plugs from view and small fingers.

CompUSA Superstores, the exclusive retail outlet for the Disney Dream Desk PC, is accepting pre-orders beginning August 5. Pre-orders made by August 14th at or CompUSA's 5th Avenue Superstore in Manhattan will receive a free Disney Digital Camera. CompUSA is offering Disney Dream Desk PC buyers free delivery, in-home installation and a one-on-one training session. The Dream Desk PC will also be available through the Disney Catalog and on August 12 and in CompUSA Superstores on September 12.

The computer will retail for $599 (MSRP) with the monitor display sold separately at $299 (MSRP). Additional Dream Desk PC peripherals, including the Disney digital camera, Disney digital video camera, Disney game controller and printer, are available separately and are the perfect complement to the computer’s creative software.

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