ContentWatch Presents on Internet Protection for Department of Education

Company presents experience and background at the Department of Education's Annual Security and Privacy Day

SALT LAKE CITY - July 22, 2005 - The average age of first exposure to pornography on the Internet is 11, according to Scott Nelson, vice president of marketing for ContentWatch, Inc. On Tuesday, Nelson presented strategies for addressing unwanted Internet Content to the U.S. Department of Education in Washington, D.C. ContentWatch Inc. is the leading provider of Internet protection for home, small/medium business and public organizations. Nelson's presentation took place at the annual Department of Education Security and Privacy Day conference in Washington D.C. and was simultaneously webcast to all DOE locations throughout the U.S.

Nelson noted that in addition to the compliance and safety issues that all schools and public organizations must face, Internet pornography is creating severe problems for corporations as well. Nelson reported that half of America's Fortune 500 corporations have dealt with at least one incident related to computer porn within the past 12 months. In addition to the liability risks of unwanted content in the workplace, the issue of wasted time on non-work activities presents a major cost to corporations. Some sources estimate the salary costs for non-work activities to be as high as $759 billion per year, and as much as 70 percent of companies' current network bandwidths is being used for non work-related pursuits.

As the leader in Internet filtering solutions for small business and homes, ContentWatch has also become expert in defining the technological approaches that can help Internet filters succeed.

Nelson advises users to look for dynamic contextual filters as opposed to updated "black lists" of disapproved sites. Filtering must also be easily customized to suit different levels of appropriateness and need. The ability to manage any Internet filter remotely is also a critical key.

In summary, Nelson points out that organizations should protect themselves from legal liability by exercising reasonable care to prevent and promptly correct any form of sexually harassing behavior, which would include unwanted exposure to Internet porn.

They should also remember that lawsuits by employees are not successful in cases where employees have unreasonably failed to take advantage of preventive or corrective opportunities the employer provides.

To address these issues, Nelson recommends that every business and organization develop an Internet Use Policy (IUP). For recommendations and help in creating a solid policy, users can visit

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