ContentProtect 2.0 Professional Internet Management Now Available For Businesses

Performance, remote management, and new flexibility are cornerstones of ContentProtect 2.0

SALT LAKE CITY - November 21, 2005 - ContentWatch Inc., the leading provider of Internet protection for small/medium business, public organizations and homes, today announced that the Professional version of its new ContentProtect 2.0 is available now. A leading provider of Internet protection software since 2001, ContentWatch has completely re-architected its award-winning product with the introduction of ContentProtect 2.0.

Dynamic Filtering With Unprecedented Speed

In a product already known for high performance, ContentProtect 2.0's dynamic contextual filtering makes the 2.0 product approximately 400 percent faster than its own previous versions. For the first time, ContentProtect's patented blend of dynamic filtering and black list/white list functionality allows the product to accurately analyze web content with no perceptible latency.

New enhancements to ContentProtect's dynamic filtering engine reduces search requirements from as many 2,000 scans to as few as one search scan per page. Combined with personalized black list/white list specifications, ContentProtect 2.0 reduces overall search time considerably. Early users of ContentProtect 2.0 report that the product works so quickly that any perceptible latency is now effectively gone.

Increased Compatibility

ContentProtect 2.0 has been redesigned to avoid compatibility issues with other applications such as firewalls, spyware prevention and anti-virus tools. It has also been integrated with the industry's popular search engines to increase protection against pornographic images.

Increased Functionality

ContentProtect 2.0 has a new state-of-the-art user interface that makes it easier than ever to administer and use. Network administrators can set up or change filtering criteria from any browser interface. Dynamic reports provide employers with a clear presentation of Internet activity on the network. Enhanced controls offer businesses new abilities to manage access to instant messaging applications and Internet games.

With its client-based architecture, ContentProtect 2.0 is uniquely well-suited for mobile or notebook computer users. Regardless of how the user connects to the network, the filtering is always present. Without this protection, users could bypass the corporate network by using a wireless connection or using a personal analog line or dial-up service. This could potentially happen even from within a company's facility, leaving the organization exposed to legality issues as well as to the lack of productivity that unauthorized Internet access can cause.

"Internet filtering has become mandatory for every organization," said Jack Sunderlage, President and CEO of ContentWatch. "However, most business solutions are too complex and expensive to be viable alternatives for smaller or dispersed organizations. ContentProtect 2.0 is the one clear solution for the small to medium business and enterprise market today."

Enhanced portability and localization are key characteristics of the new architecture as well. Language and region specific versions of ContentProtect are available for China, and will soon be available for other languages as well.

Customers can get a two-week trial version of ContentProtect 2.0 Professional or Home versions from The annual license cost for ContentProtect is $39.99 per node.

About ContentWatch

ContentWatch, Inc. delivers Internet protection solutions for the home, library, education, government and SMB markets. ContentWatch's mission is to be the world leader in thought and technology by creating Internet protection tools and services that provide homes and businesses with a safer, more productive Internet experience. Based in Salt Lake City, ContentWatch has customers in all 50 states and more than 100 countries and was recently selected by The Walt Disney Company as the official filtering software for its Disney Dream Desk PC for kids. For more information on ContentWatch products, visit

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