ContentWatch Enhances Product Line with Significant Upgrade of ContentCleanup 2.1

ContentCleanup 2.1 helps users rid their computers from objectionable content through sophisticated content analysis audit and removal software

SALT LAKE CITY - June 29, 2006 - ContentWatch, the leading provider of Internet protection for home, small/medium business and public organizations, today announced ContentCleanup 2.1, a tool that helps users identify and erase unwanted content and files from their computers.

As users surf the Internet, websites often push content onto their computers without the user ever knowing it happened. This simple-to-use tool helps users analyze, categorize and erase unwanted content from their computers. ContentCleanup 2.1 starts by running a comprehensive scan on the user's computer and categorizes them in files types: History, Cookies, Documents, Temporary Internet files, Images, Audio, and Video.

ContentCleanup 2.1 further analyzes each file in depth using ContentProtect's award-winning and patent-pending dynamic analysis engine which identifies potentially objectionable files and categorizes them into one or more of 28 different content categories, ranging from Pornography or Adult/Mature to Sports and Travel. By doing this, it enables the user to easily identify objectionable files and delete them; freeing up disk space on the user's computer and enhancing its performance.

"As people are surfing the Internet more and more, the chances of hidden and unwanted files being pushed on to their computers and affecting its performance increases," said ContentWatch CEO, Jack Sunderlage. "ContentCleanup 2.1 makes it easy for users to identify and delete uninvited files and free up disk space; increasing their computer's performance."

Other ContentCleanup features include:

  • ContentCleanup Wizard - Walks users through the process of safely deleting Internet content from their computer
  • Thumbnail View and Blur Technology - Allows users to view each file in a "thumbnail view" and images in "blurred" mode to determine if it is suitable before opening the file for further inspection and avoid exposure to objectionable images.
  • Categorization - ContentCleanup scans and categorizes files into file types: History, Cookies, Documents, or Temporary Internet files; as well as 28 different content categories, ranging from Adult/Mature to Sports and Travel.
  • New File Types - ContentCleanup scans and categorizes all Internet-related files including images, video, audio, text, and program files.
  • Quarantine - Enables users to move objectionable items to an encrypted quarantine folder for later review or deletion.
  • Automatic Updates - ContentWatch updates users with the latest rules, definitions and technology as they become available. These updates can occur manually or automatically depending on the user's preference.

For more information about ContentWatch products and a free 14-day trial version of ContentCleanup 2.1, go to The annual license cost for ContentCleanup starts at $24.99.

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