ContentWatch Enhanced Secure Web Gateway Boasts More Power and Security

In addition to security enhancements, new models provide enterprise level features to small/medium businesses

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH - October 6, 2010 - ContentWatch, ( a leading provider of Content Filtering and Secure Web Gateway solutions, announced the addition of its new series of ContentProtect Security Appliances for threat management and content filtering. The series offers two new models: 1) 9X, which offers powerful performance and security features and 2) 9XE, which adds additional enterprise and multi-site features.

“We are keenly aware of the business and educational need to have high caliber and cost-effective threat management and content filtering solutions, regardless of organizational size or dynamics, said Russ Warner, ContentWatch CEO. “These two versions of our Secure Web Gateway offer enterprise-grade solutions suitable for small and medium sized businesses and schools, yet robust enough for larger organizations as well.

ContentProtect Security Appliances, also known as Secure Web Gateways, monitor everything going in and out of an organization’s network in real-time—a proactive solution that saves time and money while increasing productivity, reducing intrusion, improving security, and reducing legal liability. Features include: bandwidth management, dynamic content filtering, reporting, spyware monitoring, and Internet activity monitoring of peer-to-peer, social networking, IM, and proxy sites.

Key feature upgrades for the new series 9X appliance:

  • Network visibility, analysis, and reporting
  • Up to 1 GIG/s capable
  • Enhanced Performance and Memory management
  • Dynamic content control
  • Dynamic application control
  • Bandwidth management
  • Intelligent filter avoidance detection and protection
  • Malware detection

In addition to the 9X features listed above, the 9XE appliance offers:

  • True Cache Technology: Combines Web caching with continual content analysis to maintain the accuracy of the cached data.
  • Delegated Administration: Allows access to a subset of the interface for additional administrators based on organizational needs and reporting/management across locations, groups, and users.
  • High Availability: Supports active/active or active/passive network architectures. Ensures all traffic rules are automatically synchronized and consistently enforced.
  • Centralized Management and Reporting: Controls from five to more than 100 CP Security Appliances from a single interface. Enables policy controls and active reports across the entire organization from a single management point.

Also available in the series is the Content Protect Security Manager, a new device that connects multiple appliances and enables centralized management and reporting functionality.

For more information and pricing, or if you would like to attend a webinar, contact ContentWatch Sales at 1-484-856-2789 or visit

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