ContentWatch Expands Its Line of Web Security Appliances, Adds Enhanced Active Directory Support

New models support more bandwidth and network nodes, simplifying installation and management

SALT LAKE CITY - July 1, 2008 - ContentWatch, the leading provider of Internet protection and management solutions, today announced the addition of nine new models to its line of award-winning Web security appliances, adding enhanced support for Active Directory to all new and existing models.

The ContentWatch Security Appliance combines the function of multiple devices--content filtering, bandwidth and application shaping, IM management, and anti-virus/anti-spyware--into one affordable plug-and-play box.

The new models include the CP 200, CP 350, CP 350S, CP 450, CP 450S, CP 550, CP 550S, CP 650, and CP 650S, and give organizations increased manageability over their networks and support for up to 50,000 nodes, decreasing the number of appliances larger organizations must deploy. For companies with very high bandwidth networks, the newer appliance models provide significantly improved throughput--up to 200 Mbps.

For customers who see a significant amount of HTTPS Web traffic, which can dramatically slow network performance, new SSL Acceleration appliance models are equipped with a Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) expansion cards that contain co-processors. These co-processors perform part of the HTTPS/SSL filtering, relieving the load on the ContentProtect Security Appliance, and eliminating any potential performance reduction.

In addition, ContentWatch has dramatically improved Active Directory support for all models, which will facilitate deployment of the appliance and simplify network management. This enhanced Active Directory support tightly integrates with a network's current Active Directory structure, making it easier to deploy and manage new users, groups and policy settings from the directory server.

"When talking with our current customers about features they would like to see, we learned that deployment, management and capacity were at the top of their lists," said Jack Sunderlage, president and CEO of ContentWatch. "By improving Active Directory support on our appliances, we are simplifying IT's job by giving them the ability to manage group and user policies via their directory server, which keeps all settings synchronized."

"With the ContentProtect Security Appliance, I've been able to protect our network from spyware and viruses and keep our students safe from inappropriate content," said ContentWatch customer, Jeff Richards, owner of Lake Fern Montessori Academy. "The appliance lets me easily define and manage user groups and the groups' policies. I'm now protecting our network proactively and can spend my time resolving other issues."

Key functionality of the ContentWatch CP Security Appliance includes: - Filters Even Secure Websites - Stops Users from Bypassing Filters - Prioritizes Bandwidth for URLs and Categories - Controls Bandwidth for Applications - Monitors User Activity In Real Time - Delivers Unparalleled Reporting

ContentProtect Security Appliance Product Line

ModelMax ThroughputNetwork Nodes
CP 1001.5 Mbps250
CP 2005Mbps350
CP 3008 Mbps5,000
CP 350*20 Mbps50,000
CP 450*45 Mbps50,000
CP 550*100 Mbps50,000
CP 650*200 Mbps50,000
  • can be enabled for SSL acceleration

The new appliance firmware updates are available to all current ContentWatch appliance customers for no additional charge. For more information and pricing, or if you would like to attend a webinar, contact ContentWatch Sales at 1-484-856-2789 or visit

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