Mobile Apps Expose Kids to Internet Risks; Net Nanny Will Protect

SALT LAKE CITY, June 20, 2012 – Smartphones and tablets have changed the way kids access the Internet. ContentWatch, makers of Net Nanny (, wants parents to be aware of the safety risks mobile apps pose to their kids and is launching a major update to Net Nanny for Android with App Manager to help protect them.

“While using apps on smartphones and tablets, kids are at risk of exposure to adult or mature content, malicious apps and unintentional in-app purchases,” said Russ Warner, CEO of ContentWatch/Net Nanny. “Instead of surfing in a browser, kids spend much of their time using apps on their mobile devices. Many mobile apps access the Internet as part of their functionality.”

Whether interacting on Facebook, watching YouTube, or playing games, kids can unwittingly be exposed to inappropriate content. In some cases, apps associated with a credit card have resulted in more than $2,000 of unintentional in-app purchases; in other cases, malicious apps can access text messaging plans and private information on the device.

Available now, the update to Net Nanny for Android with App Manager addresses these issues by giving parents the tools they need to protect their kids, whether they are browsing or using apps. It includes Internet safety features Net Nanny is known for plus the new App Manager, which gives parents control over the apps used on smartphones and tablets. It is a perfect companion for Net Nanny for Windows in providing Internet safety.

Net Nanny for Android with App Manager key features:

  • Inventory Report – Shows a complete inventory of all mobile apps installed.
  • Block or Allow – Allows parents to block or allow specific apps. Blocked apps cannot be launched.
  • App Installation – Prevents new apps from being added to mobile devices until approved, and may be configured to block Android app stores and marketplaces.
  • Remote Administration – Cloud-based Administrator Console allows parents to control mobile apps from any Internet connection.

Other Net Nanny for Android features:

  • Age-Appropriate Filtering – Includes four pre-defined, age-appropriate user profiles for filter settings: Child (ages under seven), Pre-teen (ages eight to 12), Teen (ages 13-17), and Adult. Parents can customize their own settings.
  • Filtering Categories – Filters 18 pre-defined categories – can be configured to block, warn, or allow access to a web page based on content. Parents can create additional categories.
  • Non-protected Browser Blocking – Once installed, kids must use the Net Nanny browser. Other browsers are blocked.
  • Circumvention Prevention – Prevents common task killers and app managers from stopping or uninstalling Net Nanny. Parental or administrator passwords are required to uninstall Net Nanny.
  • Real-Time Contextual Analysis – Net Nanny evaluates and blocks or allows web pages before they are open and viewed.
  • Profanity Masking – Replaces profanity with other characters.

Net Nanny is offering a June only 15 percent discount on a one-year subscription of Net Nanny for Android – US $14.99. The ongoing subscription is US $19.99 per year for one mobile device and up to 50 percent off for multiple devices.

Net Nanny for Android is available from and most popular Android marketplaces, including Google Play, and supports most Android devices, including the Kindle Fire.

Net Nanny is the leading provider of Internet parental control solutions for consumers. With the proliferation of mobile devices, Net Nanny’s mission is to protect kids and families on all devices, wherever they are.