Net Nanny Blocks 83 Million Objectionable Websites in One Month

SALT LAKE CITY, June 7, 2011- ContentWatch ( reported today that during a recent 30-day period its Net Nanny web filtering software blocked more than 83 million pornography, lingerie, and adult/mature websites for its customers according to a statistical sampling of its database.

"This is a good and bad statistic," said Russ Warner, CEO of ContentWatch. "It shows that a lot of web pages were blocked, which helps prevent objectionable content from reaching kids. On the other hand, it shows the magnitude of the problem and reinforces the need for parents to take action to provide their children with a safe web browsing experience."

During a recent 30-day period, Net Nanny blocked the following page views:

41,973,823 pornography websites 27,192,409 adult/mature websites 14,290,414 lingerie websites

During June, Internet Safety Month, ContentWatch is giving away free licenses of Net Nanny at its Net Nanny Facebook Page to the first 2,000 people who 'like' the site.

Additionally, ContentWatch encourages parents to be aware of six key loopholes kids may use to get around Internet safety precautions. (See video: Additional tips and precautions here:

  1. Proxy Websites- Many teens use proxy sites to circumvent web filters to surf the web anonymously.
  2. Peer-to-Peer- Kids use peer-to-peer file sharing to download music, photos, and movies from each other, which can have dangerous content attached.
  3. User-generated Content- Most web filters allow these sites, such as blogs, which can contain objectionable material.
  4. Facebook Alias- Kids can create an alias account that cannot be found by parents.
  5. Administration Rights on the Computer- Kids should not have administration rights to the computer they use.
  6. Website IP Address to Bypass the URL Filter- Kids can reach websites blocked by filters by browsing for the website's IP address instead of the web page name.

Net Nanny is an important element in the Internet safety plans parents put in place for their children.

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