About Content Watch Holdings, Inc.

Our mission: to protect people from unwanted and objectionable digital content.

Content Watch Holdings, Inc. is an innovative company focused on delivering Internet protection solutions for the consumer, library, education, government, and business markets. Since our founding in 2000, we have provided top-rated, Internet Protection tools specifically designed for the non-technical user. Our product lineup - consisting of ContentProtect MDM, and ContentProtect Professional, ContentProtect Security Appliance, ContentCleanup, Net Nanny for Windows, Net Nanny for Mac, Net Nanny for Android, Net Nanny for iOS, and Net Nanny Social - provide the most reliable and comprehensive Internet Protection solution available today, making the Internet a safe and productive environment for businesses and families. When you want to be sure... you'll choose ContentWatch products.

ContentWatch Best of State Awards

ContentWatch is a Microsoft Certified PartnerContentWatch was one of the first participants in Internet protection. It offers the first and the most effective solution for small to medium organizations. ContentWatch has pioneered and advanced the dynamic filtering technology that allows it to be the best provider in terms of speed and effectiveness as well as the most comprehensive solution for addressing the myriad of issues that surround unwanted Internet content and inappropriate use. ContentWatch has also been accepted as a Microsoft Certified Partner, having demonstrated a high degree of competence and expertise with programing for Microsoft operating systems and software.

Key Bullets:

  • ContentWatch pioneered and has been advancing the company's core dynamic filtering technology since 2001.
  • ContentWatch is easy to use by even non-technical business owners and home users.
  • ContentWatch is the practical and cost-effective solution that makes it the only truly viable choice for small organizations.
  • ContentWatch is at the forefront of Internet protection tool suites, and intends to lead out as a primary resource for necessary new features as new threats occur.
  • Beyond the home and consumer market, ContentWatch is leading out in addressing the Internet liability, risk and productivity concerns of small businesses-a market segment that has traditionally not been well addressed.
  • ContentWatch has established itself in the consumer market while preparing the full set of solutions that could best meet the needs of small businesses, libraries, government and education. That strategy has succeeded, and the company is now in position to roll out its resulting offerings in a very aggressive fashion to each of these new, currently primarily unaddressed market segments worldwide.
  • Ultimately, the company's vision will be to protect all forms of electronic media from unwanted content, including cell phones, handheld devices, game stations, all types of personal computers, and even tv's.

Thousands of customers in many countries have turned to ContentWatch for solutions to protect against unwanted Internet content and control Internet activity and usage. Designed specifically for non-technical users, ContentWatch products deliver a method to control unwanted Internet content, based on unique user profiles.

Mobile Protection

ContentWatch has been the leading provider of Internet filter and protection solutions on Windows and Mac for years. With the explosion of smartphones and tablets, including the iPhone, iPad, Android phones, Kindle, and other tablets, along with a range of other gadgets, people are accessing the Internet more and more on mobile devices.

ContentWatch has developed versions of Net Nanny that are as robust as our existing PC-based products, including content filtering, to work with wireless carriers, as a service, as a browser, and as a retail product, starting with Android and iOS. We intend to carry our leadership forward into the Mobile market just as we have done on the desktop and in the cloud. Click for more details on Android or iOS.

ContentProtect MDM Logo

ContentWatch has also launched a mobile device management (MDM) solution with integrated content filtering for Android and iOS. ContentProtect MDM offers device management capabilities such as device provisioning, lock and wipe, remote locate and application management for mobile devices. ContentProtect MDM provides centralized cloud-based management and complete visibility for the devices in your organization.

ContentProtect MDM protects the mobile devices in your organization without requiring any hardware or software setup. The simple to use web console give IT control and visibility from any web browser. Creating security, content filtering, and application policies for your organization is done through the intuitive web interface and instantly applied to your managed devices. For more info, see the MDM page on ContentWatch.

Value Proposition


  • Peace of mind through the most accurate, comprehensive, and secure Web content filtering.
  • Time management of Internet use.
  • Monitor inappropriate communications to prevent predatory or bullying behaviors.


  • Increase productivity by limiting cyber slacking or employee Internet use at work.
  • Security is improved by reducing malware and viruses, commonly found on inappropriate Web sites.
  • Liability is decreased on company-owned assets because inappropriate materials will be controlled.

Target Markets:

  • Home
  • Business
  • Government
  • Education
  • Libraries

Standalone Products:

Net Nanny Product Box

  • Net Nanny for Windows and Mac: Eliminates unwanted online content while monitoring Internet activity as well as offline computer usage.
  • Net Nanny Android and iOS: Eliminates unwanted online content from Internet enabled mobile devices.
  • Net Nanny Social: monitor a child's friends, pictures, and activities on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • ContentCleanup: Scans files for questionable content and then quickly and safely removes the unwanted files.
  • ContentProtect Professional: Eliminates unwanted online content while monitoring Internet activity for businesses, government organizations, education institutions, and libraries.
  • ContentProtect Security Appliance: Its all-in-one approach solves the problems created when users, applications and threats battle for network resources.
  • ContentProtect MDM: mobile device management for Android and iOS that include integrated Content Filtering.