Workplace Productivity (No, it's Not an Oxymoron)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012, 10:07 AM


For a company to thrive, employees must be efficient and productive. What are some ways to ensure this?

Accountability. As an employer, emphasize work. Help employees see they are responsible for their actions.

Avoid micromanagement. It's natural to want to micromanage; but try to avoid it. Freedom given to employees allows for growth and better results. Employees feel more important and independent when allowed to do tasks their way.

Give compliments and rewards. Employers should compliment employees often, when appropriate. People like to feel needed. When a job is completed with praiseworthy results, don't refrain from giving praise. Praise can motivate employees to strive for similar successes.

Demand reachable targets. Goals that make you stretch are important. Employers should be realistic and set goals that are achievable.

Help build teams. When employees work in teams to complete projects, monitor to see that team members develop good relationships. When team members trust each other, an environment of good ideas and healthy hard work ensues.

Happy workers=productivity. It's true that when employees are happy, they work better. If employees aren't bored and enjoy their work, they will naturally be driven to work harder and to be more productive. If an employee is unsatisfied, s/he will look for better job opportunities.

Hold fewer unorganized meetings. If meetings are unorganized, they are usually pointless. Of course, most employees enjoy the allotted break that comes from them. When you hold meetings, be sure that they are necessary and planned. Forgo unnecessary meetings.

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