Why IT Guys Hate Sales Guys

Tuesday, January 4, 2011, 12:40 PM

Written by a typical IT Guy that we have a very close relationship with here at ContentWatch (and not me, but it was too good and true not to share)

1.       Sales Guy doesn't care about IT needs. He is interested in selling product; if the product is not a fit, Sales Guy doesn't truly care. Sales Guy will try to ask “find out questions to see where he can insert the product. Many of Sales Guy's questions are things that IT Guy views as confidential and IT Guy is bothered that Sales Guy asks.  Keep in mind, IT Guy does not want Sales Guy to “evaluate his needs, IT Guy feels that “knowing his needs is part of IT Guy's job and IT Guy does not need help doing his job.

2.       Sales Guy never follows up after selling the solution to IT Guy. Sales Guy does not care to see if IT Guy likes the solution, or if it works. IT Guy feels bamboozled by past Sales Guys and feels they are all the same. All IT Guys have purchased something that did not work as advertised and feel that it put their job in jeopardy. IT Guy feels he might be betrayed by Sales Guy.

3.       Without fail, Sales Guy will try to sell IT Guy the most expensive solution even if he could have gotten by with something less expensive. IT Guy does not trust Sales Guy to sell a product to fit his needs, instead he worries about over-buying or buying something he will not use. IT Guy feels he can get a better price online. IT Guy knows it must cost more from Sales Guy, because Sales Guy is getting paid commission.

4.       Typically Sales Guy is not technical enough to answer IT Guy's questions. Typically Sales Guy is too arrogant to accept he does not know, so IT Guy rarely gets forwarded to someone who does know. Because Sales Guy is all-knowing, he will present solutions as if they are new and cutting-edge technology. IT Guy knows about technology and has known about Sales Guy's solution for a long time.

5.       Sales Guy will regurgitate the same information IT Guy has already read on the web; if IT Guy asks something additional, Sales Guy is stumped.

6.       Because IT Guy is cynical by nature, he is offended when Sales Guy tries to create a “relationship of trust by asking personal questions. “So are you a snowboarder? IT Guy is very aware that Sales Guy is faking it and couldn't care less about him personally. Keep in mind that IT Guy thinks that Sales Guy was one of those jerks that made fun of him in high school and that they only reason Sales Guy is acting nice now is to get the deal.

7.       Because IT Guy has a little bit of a “God complex, he doesn't think there is anything Sales Guy can tell him that he doesn't already know, and IT Guy thinks he already knows much more than the Sales Guy about the product and competition.

8.       When IT Guy asks a direct question about functionality and that functionality or feature does not exist in the product, Sales Guy will skirt the issue, or not give a straight answer. Along these lines, Sales Guy typically will not give the IT Guy a straight answer on price, instead IT Guy will have to “wait for a quote then wonder how much the Sales Guy has jacked up the price.

9.       Part of being an IT Guy is feeling you are bringing value to your company by having technical knowledge. If an IT Guy has to admit to “learning about something new from Sales Guy he feels his value to the company is diminished.

10.   When IT Guy is polite about the lack of “need or “interest in the product, Sales Guy will not take a hint, and continues to pester him. This results in angering the IT Guy or having the IT Guy avoid Sales Guy. Sales Guy continues to say “IT Guy is just really busy, and doesn't have time. Frankly, if IT Guy cared, he would have time.

11.   Lastly - don't forget. IT Guy has a bunch of IT Guy friends and they love to brag about how they have screwed Sales Guy. Remember that IT Guy thinks of Sales Guy as the jock in high school that teased him and IT Guy resents Sales Guy. For IT Guy and his friends, Sales Guy is the handsome guy that has always had things handed to him, that always had dates in high school while IT Guy was playing with his calculator. IT Guy feels he had to work to get where he is and that Sales Guy does not.