What's so bad about BYOD?

Thursday, February 23, 2012, 2:59 PM


These days, if you don't know what BYOD stands for, you've just never seen the acronym. Companies around the world are implementing this long-term, "cost reduction" plan. In essence, it's happening as your employees bring their own mobile devices to use at work. If you are not seeing the challenges, your IT guys do.

There are two major challenges that surface as companies allow BYOD. First is the lack of complying with BYOD policies. When you allow personal devices to be used at work, you lose control of the content accessed and time spent unproductively by employees. Employees even admit to not following the rules at work. Second, employees store sensitive, company information on their devices. This fact poses a threat of leakage of your confidential information.

Solutions to these challenges are presented by Rieva Lesonsky in a Huffington Post article about BYOD at this link.

Rieva suggests creating and emphasizing a comprehensive, individualized BYOD policy for your company. Be emphatic when implementing said policy and spend time developing it. Spend a little money to fund the project so it becomes effective policy.

If your company has a BYOD program, invest in it! It may take some thought and a little funding, but these types of precautions help avoid the pushback, lashback, and eventual death of a policy.