What Not To Do & What To Do when you BYOD

Friday, March 2, 2012, 3:19 PM


At organizations around the world, the BYOD (bring your own "mobile" device) trend is here to stay. If you have to abide by a policy, you should know a few do's and don'ts that pertain to personal device use at work. Matt Scott from ComputerWeekly has come up with his own personal list. I like it!

  • Don't keep adult content on your phone. This helps avoid any sexual harassment cases that could arise. It also is degrading and not appropriate in an office setting.
  • Don't download too many apps. Do yourself a favor and keep temptations away. Avoid having distractions like apps to deter you from working efficiently and effectively all day.
  • Don't have an offensive ringtone. If your boss was in the room as your phone went off, would you be embarrassed by the ringtone? Although expressing personality is usually encouraged, be more conservative in the workplace with ringtones. Not everyone likes 50 Cent or Shania Twain blasting as you receive a phone call.
  • Don't have notifications turned on. A constant vibrating sound due to text messages or Facebook notifications can get annoying after a while. Be courteous and keep it quiet.
  • Don't save sensitive data. Although you never plan on losing your device, it can happen. The company won't have to fire you if it happens as long as you plan ahead. Keep confidential information from leaking by deleting files as necessary. Consider installing software that allows you to remotely access your device.
  • Don't show off your latest technology purchases. As much as you might enjoy your new device's accessories, please refrain from flashing it around the office. Keep your friends you've made at work.

The don'ts seem to outweigh the do's are important for your efficiency too.

  • Do take advantage of collaborative apps. Many applications that make work easier are available at your fingertips.
  • Do make use of the portability of devices. In the past, not going in to the office meant you couldn't do any work. But now, with the ability to work remotely, you can accomplish just as much as you would in the office. Be creative and use your time wisely to accomplish as much as you can while not in the office!
  • Do use your smartphone as a Wi-Fi spot. This adds much convenience to an office in need of Internet connection.

I work for ContentWatch and all opinions expressed here are my own.