Top Ten Productivity Killers

Wednesday, July 9, 2014, 10:00 AM


CareerBuilder conducted a study that looked at the top 10 productivity killers in the workplace. Not surprisingly, technology is at the top of the productivity killers.

When asked what the top obstacles to productivity in the workplace are, employers said that cell phone and texting use was the biggest distracter in the workplace: 50% of employers said that cell phone use was a problem. Also in the top-ten productivity killers was three other technology related activities: Internet use, social media and e-mail use.

About 24% of workers admit that they spend about one hour a day on personal e-mails, texts, or phone calls and about 21% of workers spend an hour or more on non-work-related activities on the Internet, such as social media.

73% of employers have implemented measures to curb productivity-killing activities. About 36% of employers have blocked certain Internet sites from being accessed. 22% monitor emails and other Internet usage.

When an employee is wasting time at work surfing on the Internet, it is costing the company money. Instead of working on what they’re supposed to be doing, employees are surfing the Internet or sending personal e-mails.

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