Tips for iOS Safety

Wednesday, May 7, 2014, 11:23 AM


With internet security becoming more of a concern for companies, it is important that your employees know how to protect themselves on social media. Scammers and hackers are getting better at stealing personal or company information without us even knowing. Here are four things your company can do to maintain privacy on your iPhones, iPod Touches or iPads:

  • Review privacy agreements of social media sites

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., all have different polices about what information is gathered about you. These sites can gather data including, location, phone number, or your IP address. By reviewing their privacy agreements, you can know what these sites have access to and control what is shared. To do this, you need to visit their app and read the privacy agreement.

  • Be cautious of third-party mobile apps

A lot of apps are allowed to access your social media accounts for information. iOS devices can control which devices have rights to these accounts. To change what apps have access, go to Settings, select the app, and review the accounts which can be accessed. Once you have reviewed the apps, change the slider from the green side to the white side to turn it off.

  • Take an extra step for protection

Two-factor authentication gives you an extra step of protection against people trying to login to your social media without permission. This feature will send you text messages to a user whenever they try to login to social media accounts from new devices. This text message will have a code that you have to input in order to gain access. Whenever anyone tries to login to your social media, you will get this text message. To enable this on Facebook, go to Facebook’s Security Settings. On Twitter, access the app, go to Me > Settings > Security & Privacy > ‘Send login verification requests to my phone.’

  • Utilize a password manager

A password manager allows you to save all passwords in one location.  Each website that has a separate password is saved and the data is kept safe. When you login to the protected password manager, the stored passwords are accessible and able to be used on the website you’re logging into.

Apple has a password manager built into most iOS devices called iCloud Keychain. To access it, go to Settings > iCloud > Keychain > enable it and then follow the set-up instructions. If your iOS device does not have iCloud Keychain, other password managers are available to download, such as 1Password and Last Pass.

These are just some ways to help you and your employees protect their social media privacy on iOS devices. Also, be cautious of the links you click on and changing the privacy restrictions on your social media accounts.