The Benefits of a Selective Wipe

Thursday, May 10, 2012, 3:07 PM


A growing trend, if you haven't heard of it before, is bringing your own device (BYOD). Employees are utilizing their personal devices in the workplace to add convenience in task completion. Working away from the office is much easier if you're on board with BYOD.

However, this means companies are required to manage these on-the-go devices. Everything, from confidential e-mails to crucial spreadsheets, is saved on devices that roam every day. Studies show that every 16 months on average, employees will lose or have their devices stolen or they will leave their employer. Because of these regular occurrences, it is essential for IT employees to be able to do a wipe of the device; a complete removal of data, leaving no traces of company data for others to see.

So what is a selective wipe? “Deleting corporate resources from the device and removing access to corporate resources without doing a full factory reset from the Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution….” When one simply wants to remove corporate data but keep personal data and settings intact, it gets tricky if a MDM solution is not in place. Consider installing a MDM solution so that your IT can better micromanage all the devices that contain company data.

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