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Jul 9, '14

Top Ten Productivity Killers

CareerBuilder conducted a study that looked at the top 10 productivity killers in the workplace. Not surprisingly, technology is at the top of the productivity killers.


May 6, '14

Pornhub’s Numbers Are on the Rise

Pornhub, the world’s largest pornographic video sharing website, recently released some staggering statistics about pornography usage around the world. In 2013, 14.7 billion people visited their website, about 1.68 million per hour. Pornhub has become one of the prime destinations for pornography viewers.


Apr 7, '14

Pornography in the Workplace = Productivity Loss

Have you ever walked into a co-worker’s office to discuss something and, as you approach, you catch a glimpse at the computer screen and see that he is viewing pornography?  Upon realizing this, your colleague will probably try to cover it up…but it’s too late. 


Feb 14, '14

Is Porn Losing Popularity in Hollywood?

Scarlet Johansson, Julianne Moore, and Joseph Gordon-Leavitt recently starred in the film, Don Jon. Despite the theme being a popular one, it portrays a subtle opinion that opposes mainstream Hollywood opinions: pornography will hurt you.


Feb 29, '12

Malware Blockers Won't Ever Work the Way You Want Them To

Last week I spoke at a community event, educating 200+ parents on the dangers of the Internet, the ways teens may circumvent parental controls, and what parents can do to help maximize Internet protection in the home. It was time for Q/A when one parent rose her hand to ask, “How can I know if my child is looking at pornography?” I gave my response, which related to child behavior and the signs of addiction, but another parent chimed in to offer another clue: the amount of malware or viruses found on the computer. If the computer is constantly infected by viruses or malware, he explained, it's probably because someone in the house is visiting malware-hotbeds, which often take the form of porn websites.


Dec 27, '11

Is Your Doctor distracted by his iPad?

Smartphones and tablets can be hazardous to your health. Consider that truck drivers and cabbies, police officers and road construction workers, and doctors and nurses like Facebook, texting, and Angry Birds just as much as you. And they do these things while at work, just like you.


Oct 12, '11

Employee Productivity Has Gone to the Birds

With the headline, “The world's love of Angry Birds could be costing U.S. businesses over $1.5 billion in lost wages, it’s a good time to consider the impact the Internet has on employee productivity. (Source: Business Insider.)
Left to themselves, employees get distracted by Facebook, personal email, downloading videos, web browsing, music streaming, fantasy sports, online shopping, online banking, pornography, gambling, and the like.
Some stats suggest that up to two hours a day are spent by the average employee doing non-work-related Internet use.  If an organization has 20 employees, and each person surfs the web 1.5 hours per day, and the average wage is $25/hour, then the organization is losing $195,000 per year (assuming a 260-day work year.)
In addition to the time lost while roaming the web, employees don’t realize that just by visiting some web sites, a browser can become infected with malware.  Thus, there is a security risk to an organization if it has a “hands off my Internet approach to managing the team.
Finally, if the organization doesn’t take a stand on pornography use on company assets or premises, a sexual harassment lawsuit might result.  This would be due to the company’s negligence at creating a “hostile work environment when a female employee is exposed to pornography against her will.
There are tools to filter and limit Internet use by employees. Angry Birds would then be relegated to a hobby done off premise and after hours.  It’s your choice.