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May 28, '14

So Many Ways to Waste Time at Work

There are so many ways that employees waste time at work. Sometimes time is wasted by employees doing things not related to work, such as using Facebook.


May 13, '14

Boeing Bans Smartphones and Headphones for Some

At the start of the New Year, Boeing initiated a new safety standard test at 25 plants. Typically, a company will raise their safety standards following a dangerous incident or a production mistake; however, this is not the case with Boeing.


Mar 24, '14

Does Social Media Hinder Analytical Thinking?

With Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media sites available at our fingertips, our time and productivity in the office are being overtaken. But are these social media sites hampering your intelligence? Research by the Journal of the Royal Society Interface suggests that this may be the case.


Mar 5, '12

5 BYOD Revelations You Should Know About

The mass of research on BYOD (bring your own device) is rightly done. It has hit offices in a global way. But popularity doesn't always mean effective. Should all companies implement this idea to increase productivity? If you are contemplating a BYOD policy for the mobile devices in your company, consider this info from Heather Clancy at (who cites the findings of Forrester Research).


Mar 2, '12

What Not To Do & What To Do when you BYOD

At organizations around the world, the BYOD (bring your own "mobile" device) trend is here to stay. If you have to abide by a policy, you should know a few do's and don'ts that pertain to personal device use at work. Matt Scott from ComputerWeekly has come up with his own personal list. I like it!