So Many Ways to Waste Time at Work

Wednesday, May 28, 2014, 10:37 AM


There are so many ways that employees waste time at work. Sometimes time is wasted by employees doing things not related to work, such as using Facebook.

However, there are a lot of work-related tasks that could be wasting your employees’ time. A recent report looked at the different work tasks that are wasting employees’ time during a typical eight-hour workday.

At the top of the list was trying to contact co-workers or customers, consuming about 74 minutes per day. This times includes sending e-mails and waiting for a reply. Also, 33 minutes per day are spent attempting to schedule meetings with co-workers and customers.

Another one of the top time-wasters was duplicating communications, which uses about 39 minutes per day. This is time spent re-sending e-mails or forwarding messages. About 29 minutes per day were dealing with unwanted communications, such as spam.

In total, the report states that a total of four hours per day is wasted on work-related tasks. This lost time is also lost money, thousands of dollars per year per worker.

To save time, the report suggests consolidating communication into a unified communication platform. This will create a place where employees can collaborate and work together, communicate more efficiently and schedule meetings.

It also gives a one-stop location for communication and key information. The report says that time wasted on these tasks can be cut up to 75 percent through unified communication platforms, which will save over $18,000 per worker per year.