Skip the Lunch, Buy an MDM

Tuesday, June 11, 2013, 4:58 PM


Device group shot outside 1

Losing an employee costs the company time and money. Even if the employee is replaced by someone just as good or better, the organization will have to spend precious time and resources interviewing and then training the employee.

A recent study by Deloitte, a professional services company, shows evidence that letting employees bring and use their own devices “BYOD”, can improve employee retention. The study also stated that around 83 percent of surveyed employees that had access to flexible IT policies at their place of employment said they were satisfied with their work.  

Allowing a “BYOD” culture is a relatively cheap and easy way boost employee’s perception of their job. However, it does require some internal regulation or it could become a security and management liability.  Mobile device management software or “MDM” is the best way to manage a “BYOD” culture while maintaining some security and order to which devices are being used and who is using them.

Enrolling devices into an MDM solution can be as simple as sending a text or email to the device. This message is simply asking the device owner to tap “install” and that’s it.  An MDM solution can be quiet, non-intrusive, and relatively inexpensive, but the insurance it provides for a lost or stolen device that has a live connection to your MS Exchange Server, latest financial forecast spreadsheet or shared company DropBox account is invaluable.

For a small business the cost of an MDM solution could be the equivalent to buying lunch 3 times a year for the office. But the improved morale introduced by letting employees use the devices they like and own far outweighs the benefit of feeding them pizza and breadsticks.

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