Safety Tips for Classroom Tablets

Monday, September 8, 2014, 4:05 PM


With various teaching and learning resources available on the Internet, it’s not uncommon for schools to introduce tablets in the classroom. Individual access to tablets allows students to learn independent skills and have a more structured, academic practice.

If your school is going to introduce- or has already introduced- tablets to your students, consider setting some guidelines.  The positive aspects of using tablets can be magnified if the negative ones are avoided.

Here are a few guidelines and tips to consider when using tablets in school:

1. Set ground rules for use

The primary purpose for having tablets and technology in school is to educate and enhance learning- not to entertain.  When introducing these in the classrooms, establish guideline and rules of use.

You can enforce this with Net Nanny’s App Manager for Android and iOS .This will block any unwanted, distracting apps from being installed.

 2. Limit usage time

As stated above, tablets are a helpful teaching agent; however, unlimited access can be socially and intellectually restricting.  Regulate use of the devices and designate specific times that the tablets may be used.

Net Nanny for Android is just one among many products that provides time control software. With this feature, the administrator manages time so that tablet use may be restricted in an organized and monitored way.

3. Disable Cameras

Cameras can be dangerous. Sharing hurtful and doctored photos can get out of hand easily and lead to cyberbullying and verbal abuse.

Discuss limitations when using the cameras or use Net Nanny for iOS. Net Nanny for iOS easily enables the option to restrict and disable cameras.

4. Be familiar with trending apps and websites

Schools may have a number of popular websites blocked, but there are always new and trending apps.

Stay aware of potential Internet safety threats. Parents and teachers can access Webwise, which is a free resource that is always up-to-date on disconcerting and trending apps.

5. Monitor

Although guidelines may be set and enforced, there is no guarantee that dangerous websites won’t be accessed.

Monitor the tablets by frequently examining past and current log files and recently downloaded apps.  Net Nanny for Android provides remote administration and reports- keeping you constantly updated and aware. 

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