Police Pornography Viewing

Tuesday, February 21, 2012, 12:49 PM


Are your employees productive in the workplace?  A police chief in Vancouver, Canada discovered that even in his own police department he had to raise this question.


During an unrelated internal investigation, 14 officers in the Vancouver PD were viewing and exchanging pornographic material. The issue is not just that they were looking at legal pornography in the workplace and wasting time, the consequences are more severe than that.


There had also been an issue in the department with sexual harassment during an investigation of a missing women. These discoveries question the type of culture present among these police officers. Certainly, it can cause a loss of trust from the community. The lack of control over the officers will cause the police department's reputation to take a hit.


These issues can easily be solved by putting restrictions and tools in place to control what your employees can and cannot access while on the job. Protect your company's good reputation.

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