Mobile Phone Data Loss: What Are You Doing About It?

Wednesday, May 14, 2014, 10:06 AM


The consequences of data loss can be devastating for a company. Lost data can result in financial losses and can have a negative impact on the reputation of a company. Recovering lost information and recreating data can be nearly impossible.

At least 78 percent of companies have had at least one data breach in the past two years. And 36 percent of the data lost by these companies is customer and financial data, while 31 percent is employee data. The reason for these breaches can range from angry ex-employees looking to cause problems to professional hackers looking for corporate IP or secrets.

The cause of data loss varies, but most experts believe that due to lack of internet safety, malware, e-mail attacks, or phishing scams from external sources are clear sources of data breaches. Other common causes are employee negligence, lack of IT resources, antiquated security software, and lack of corporate Internet and data policies.

Many companies that suffer data breaches have a very hard time recovering from the effects. Over 72 percent of businesses that had a major data breach were shut down within two years. Because of this, many data breaches go unreported.

Mobile devices are quickly becoming a culprit to lost data. About 23 percent of reported data loss incidents happened because of an employee’s mobile device.  At least 15 percent of data loss was attributed to theft or loss of a mobile device.

This fact makes IT professionals concerned because almost everyone now carries access to confidential and important data on personal and company smartphones and tablets. As such, sensitive information is accessible from anywhere on any smart phone.

There are several things you can do to prevent data loss in your company.

  • Encourage employees to change passwords often.
  • Create policies about the types of company data that can (and cannot) be stored on mobile devices.
  • Implement device tracking and location software to help remove data or to lock down or locate a missing or stolen device.
  • Create company policies about the types of apps that can (and cannot) be installed on mobile devices used for company purposes.

With a mobile device management solution in use, if there is a lost or stolen device containing sensitive company information, you can save yourself a lot of time and work. ContentProtect MDM for Android and iOS can remotely locate or lock a device or remove data from a missing or stolen device and can implement policies for Internet and app use.  To learn more about ContentProtect MDM, visit