Mobile is the Unknown Threat for Small and Medium-size Businesses

Wednesday, December 4, 2013, 9:53 AM


Mobile devices are becoming incredibly common and more and more companies are allowing their employees to use their personal mobile devices for business use. The term BYOD “Bring your own device” is being a very common practice. The use of personal devices for business purposes is even more common every day. Unfortunately the consequences of using these devices without security measures can cause some very uncommon consequences.

Let’s take a simple Android or iPhone for example. A typical smart phone used for both business and personal use could have a live connection to a company Drop Box account, an open connection to a corporate MS Exchange account, a VPN connection back to the office network, access to company services, access to local files with personal and confidential data, etc.

Most IT departments are already concerned about data security, and many have intentionally selected to avoid “cloud” services and instead try to host their own data. Unfortunately any efforts to secure the network and data is essentially in vane, if any random mobile device can access this data from anywhere in the world and by anyone picking up the device.

In a recent survey two-thirds of small businesses said they are confident that their employee’s devices along with their company data are secure. But later it was also revealed that only 10 percent of these businesses use data protection software and only 9 percent of them use any form of mobile security for the personal devices their employees are using for business.

Businesses that don’t have a security plan for their mobile devices might be putting their whole company in jeopardy. It doesn’t take a sophisticated or complex cyber attack to get into your company’s private data, when a hacker could simply steal a smart phone instead. It seems silly to spend thousands of dollars on firewalls, IDS systems, and other data security measures when the whole thing can easily be compromised when a single employees misplaces their cell phone at an airport. 

It’s equally important to have a security solution for mobile devices “both BYOD and company owned” as it is to have a good firewall, data backups and other security measures. Otherwise all of those smart phones and tablets are just walking data plans with random holes in your security system.

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