Millennials & Their Effect on Technology Departments

Wednesday, August 29, 2012, 4:38 PM


There are 80 million Millennials in the United States. Millennials (Generation Y) are people who were born between the early ‘80s and early 2000s. They use digital technologies to an increased degree, utilize many forms of communication, and access many forms of media regularly.

Because of the prevalence of technology in their life, some of their priorities and ideas about employment might come as a shock. (Source: Cymphonix)

  • 50% would rather have no job than a job they hate.
  • Millennials want a social and enjoyable environment, flexible hours, and less governance.
  • Almost 50% of Millennials would rather give up their sense of smell over an item of technology.
  • 1 out of 3 would prioritize social media freedom, device flexibility and work mobility over their paycheck.
  • 2 out of 5 would accept a lower-paying job with more flexibility on device choice, social media and mobility over a higher-paying job with less flexibility.
  • 64% of college students said they will ask potential employers about social media policies.
  • 1 in 4 college students said social media policies would be a key factor in deciding whether to accept a job offer.

Why is this important to know? Well, by 2014, 36% of the U.S. workforce will be composed of Millennials and that number will rise to 46% by 2020.

There are many workplace risks associated with the technology habits of Millennials. If they use their own devices for work, employers may risk losing sensitive data and have to pay more to enforce company policies. If there is even a little bit of freedom to use social media, cyber slacking can get out of hand very quickly. There are obvious objections to the demands Millennials are prepared to make, but employers may have to adjust traditional policies if they expect to hire skilled workers. Sacrifices will have to be made on both ends for any sort of compromise to be reached.

What do you think of the Millennial mindset?

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