Good news—ContentProtect Professional 3.0 is here.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009, 10:50 AM

ContentProtect Professional has always been the ideal product for organizations that don’t want the hassle of a dedicated server, and especially for distributed environments (that is, laptops, laptops, everywhere). Because the filtering takes place ON the box, users can’t get around the filter just by changing locations or access.


If you’re already using CP Pro, here’s the deal: The CP Pro back end server is live, so your “manage-from-anywhere web console is already updated. All you need to do to take full advantage of the new functionality of the new CP Pro is update your clients. And, of course, like all updates and upgrades, it’s all included in your subscription, no extra charge.


Here are the four major updates in this new release of CP Pro 3.0:


Full SSL Filtering