Affordable Health Care Act Opens Gateway for Scammers

Thursday, October 10, 2013, 3:43 PM


With the implementation of the Affordable Health Care Act, security experts are on edge while Internet criminals are standing by for the attack. Since the new Health Insurance went online last week, scammers have taken the opportunity to phish for thousands’ personal information. 

Most of the scams come in the form of texts, letters, emails, and links. Phishers have created a plan to monopolize on the excessive confusion following the Healthcare Act. They know that many people have questions and are using that to their advantage to get your money and personal information.

For those who are expecting to exchange current health insurance for “obamacare,” be careful when receiving and opening emails about the new insurance. Never click on a link and always type the URL into your web browser.

Another method that scammers use is to encourage you to act fast; in reality, there is no rush. Eligible persons have until next April to exchange health insurance without losing any benefits. Do not let phishers scare you into a scam.

The new Affordable Healthcare Act isn’t the only way that scammers are attacking your information. There are several various scams on the internet and people are regularly falling for them.  The following steps will fortify your online presence and make you much less vulnerable to online scams.

  • Do Not fill out online advertisements for free devices and accessories. If it seems too good to be true, it is. Stay away from free iPod offers and anything else “free.”
  • Be critical. If you stumble upon anything that requires your personal information, question it. By asking simple questions such as “ why do they need my information?” and “what are they going to do with it” you can save your identity and finances.
  • Be aware of what your children and employees are doing online. Most people are ignorant about protecting personal information, which could affect your company as a result.

ContentWatch provides solutions for potential internet scams.  Monitoring a worker’s computer usage, and integrating website filters are just a couple ways an organization can avoid internal damage and save time and money.