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Feb 4, '11

After years of rejecting its applications, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) decided in June to give the adult entertainment industry the .xxx top-level domain, a move likely to result in the establishment of a virtual red-light district on the Web. Approval of the domain does not mean Web sites with URLs ending in .xxx will appear anytime soon. There are still many details and a pending contract to resolve. (Source: InformationWeek, June 28, 2010.)


May 21, '14

Last week, after a government employee’s computer in the General Services Administration (GSA) was infected with a virus, IT staff started an investigation to find the cause.  What they found was shocking. The employee had been visiting dating websites for more than two hours a day, regularly viewed pornography, and even had a user account on his work computer for a pornographic social network.